Performance testing
Performance Testing it is

In this day and age of monumental competition, providing apps/software without performance issues is crucial for business success. To ensure this, apps/websites undergo performance testing. It is a non-functional process, wherein scalability, stability and speed of an application are tested under a specific workload and ensures high-quality performance.

Performance test is a must to check the Speed, Scalability and Stability

Why Performance Testing?

Ensure reliable, scalable, robust, and predictable app behaviour with end-to-end Performance Testing services. It guarantees the seamless performance of apps even at peak loads. Further, the testing enables organizations to detect any discrepancies and rectify them before the final release of the product. Not only bottlenecks are identified but performance testing ensures unmatched user experience, which further increases business revenue.

Performance Testing


That determines quickness or responsive time of the application.



Finds out maximum user load the software application can handle.



To check the stability of the application under varying loads.

Performance Test Process
Identify the test environment
  • Identify the physical test environment, the production environment, which encompasses hardware, software, and network configurations and also available testing tools.
Identify performance acceptance criteria
  • This step involves identification of goals and constraints for throughput, resource allocation and response times.
Plan and design tests
  • Determine usage trends of end users and key scenarios to test for all possible use cases.
Configure the test environment
  • Prepare the test environment and arrange for all the necessary tools and resources.
Implement the test design
  • Develop the performance tests in accordance with the test design best practice.
Execute the test
  • Run and monitor your tests.
Analyze, Tune and Retest
  • Consolidate, analyze and share test results. Fine tune and test again to see if there is an improvement or decrease in performance. Since improvements generally grow smaller with each retest, stop when bottlenecking is caused by the CPU. Then you may have the consider option of increasing CPU power.
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