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Applying for jobs through email


If you are aspiring to be part of a firm and are planning to send your CV/resume over email to the hr or person in charge of recruitment, then this post is for you.
I receive a lot of applications from engineering graduates who want to be a part of Focaloid. I observed a similar set of mistakes in most of the email applications.

1. The “My Resume” syndrome – Most of the mails have subjects like “My Resume” or “Resume_Name” or “Resume…”. These mails put the onus on the recruiter to find out what the mail is regarding. Good firms get a lot of good applications. So they have plenty to choose from. Hence make the subject self explanatory. You can use subjects like – “Application for Theoretical Physicist” or “Profile for Superhero”

2. Naming the file – In most cases, the CV/Resume is attached in the email. The file is named “New Microsoft Office Word Document” or “MyResume_Latest”. If the recruiter decides to have a detailed look at your resume and downloads it to his PC, he is going to have a difficult time finding the file. If he decides to shortlist your CV and put all the shortlisted files in a folder, how will he know it is your file?? Hence take the additional effort to rename your CV document – Your full name or your name along with your college name should be sufficient – SheldonCooper_CV.pdf or HowardWolowitz_MIT

3. Should I send him a pdf or word doc ? – I guess many candidates experience this trauma – hence they send both the files. Send only a pdf file – It is easy to load. A word document can cause problems – it can be accidentally edited, also it might appear distorted when viewed on in google docs.

4. Whom do I address in the mail ? – If you now the name of the person, then use it. In other cases, a simple Hi or Sir/Ma’am should work. Try to know about the culture of the organization. If you are applying to Google, “Hi” should do. But If you are applying for a government vacancy, Sir/Ma’am would suit better.

5. Do I need to write anything in the mail ? – YES! You need to make the recruiter do as little as possible to know about you. Introduce yourself, mention the position you are applying for. Give a summary about your skill sets. Hang in those carrot pieces which will make him open the attachment. Also talk about why you love the job icon_smile Lastly thank him and enquire about what will happen next. Mention your contact details in the signature – so that he can see that without having to search in the attachment.

6. What do I include in the CV/Resume – Customize your CV/Resume to suit the job you are aspiring for. Highlight and stress the points which are more needed for the job. For example – If you are applying as a UI designer to a mobile app firm focus on mobile UI’s you have developed and to a web development firm send a portfolio which focuses on the web designs you have done.

Your email is probably the first conversation between you and the recruiter – First impressions last long – So make sure you make a good one!

All the best for job hunting!


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