Cross Platform App Development

In order to reach wide range of audience with an app or service, limiting to one particular platform may not be wise. According to Gartner report, about 50% of apps are now hybrid. That says the importance of cross platform app development. As the number of devices turning out to be in billions, native iOS or Android app development is going to be an expensive, time consuming and tedious job. The most relevant solution for this is cross platform app development. It’s time to look at the cross platform apps that can work on different platforms.

Benefits of cross platform app development

  • Cost effective
  • Reusable
  • Easy to deploy
  • Quick to market

Focaloid is what you need

It’s not about creating just an app. We dive deep and create apps by understanding the customer needs and emotions. Focaloid strives to be a cost effective mobile solution for your enterprise, which is why we consistently create great apps that utilize multiple platforms.

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