Cross Platform App Development

Decrease Market Debut Time with Cross Platform Development

When mobile applications debuted on the market, developers were focused solely on the Apple iOS platform. If the app became successful on the iPhone, then developers would begin creating the same app for other platforms. While this may have been effective in the very beginning, using this marketing method can actually negatively impact your brand and hurt your profitability from your app deployment.

If you deploy an app on only one platform, it gives a competitor time to assess your app and create something better for a competing platform. By the time you’re ready for cross platform development, another developer has already deployed a competitor on alternate platforms. Using cross development from the beginning decreases the time it takes to debut your app and helps reduce the overall cost of development.

Focaloid Works with Cross Development

The programmers at Focaloid have expertise in the area of cross platform development. We use general development standards like HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript to create mobile applications and then utilize tools like Sencha Touch and PhoneGap to convert those standards across a variety of platforms. When you work with us, your mobile application will work well no matter which platform a user implements to gain access to your app.

Cross Development Saves You Money

When you utilize cross platform development you save money because you are able to create one app and then integrate it onto all platforms. With separate application development, you have to invest separately for each operating system, which raises the investment required to go mobile. Focaloid strives to be a cost effective mobile solution for your enterprise, which is why we consistently create great apps that utilize multiple platforms.

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