UI/UX Design

A good idea attracts investors and economic interests and a good UX design attracts user interests and responsive website views. Websites and web applications over the passage of time has evolved to be a more interactive medium than a static one, highlighting the need of better and new UI/UX designs. User Experience is a broad term encompassing user interface, interaction, usability and other significant variables.

At Focaloid we understand the significance of an effective UX design and has broadly classified our approach into 3 distinct steps namely - Idea Convergence, Solution Design and Delivery.

Idea convergence focuses on unitedly moving towards easy development of an integrated, cost-effective and interactive solution design by liberating more time on knowledge transfer, research and mapping.

Knowledge Transfer

Enables us to get all the knowledge the client has regarding their product, target market, customers and current solution running in their company directly. These takeaways helps us draw a better idea on the solution the client desire to develop and install.


Focuses on enhancing our market and industry knowledge in which the client company is operating. We combine various primary research techniques like interviews & surveys, focus group discussions, expert opinion and competitor analysis with secondary research readily available data to better supplement and support our initial solution development and enrich the final design.


Consists of developing user personas and user journey maps. User persona development means highlighting the main characters that illustrate the needs, goals, thoughts, feelings, opinions, expectations, and pain points of the user. User journey map is a visual representation of the solution design from an individual user perspective of their relationship with an organization, service, product or brand, over time and across channels. No two user journey maps are same. Also to a single solution there can be multiple user journeys and mapping is done to identify the most feasible and effective one from the available alternatives.

Hours invested on idea convergence results in clarity about client requirements and simplifies the solution design stage. Solution design do not come out of thin air, it requires in-depth understanding of the peripheral requirements and outline designing of various alternatives towards the desired solution to design the most user-friendly, effective and attractive design. We start the solution design for our clients by building upon the peripheral knowledge gathered and following on with developing wireframes, visual design and iteration.


Focus on what the end-solution does rather than how it looks. Wireframes are created focusing on enhancing the overall functionality of the solution and is like the X-ray scan report of a human body in the hands of a doctor. Wireframes lack colour and attractive designs and in most cases is created in grey scale outlining the page layout or website content arrangement including interface elements and navigational systems, and explains how it will all work together effectively. At Focaloid, using platforms like Flinto, we review the series of wireframes created and better understand the inter-connectivity of various design elements to make sense out of the final UX design.

Visual Design

Solution engineering simplifies strategies and systems and visual design attracts users and simplifies their navigation through the engineered system solution. It takes mixing of right combination of typography, visual arts and page layout techniques to bring out a visual design that attracts users as well as invites immediate user responses. In simple terms visual design is all about colouring meaning to the wireframes created in the previous stage. We design our client solution keeping in mind the industry they operate, market they target and current and opportunistic trends in UX designing arena.


Is the act of repeating the process to reach at the desired result with the desired clarity and quality. We understand that any prescription without timely description is like holding a vague perception, so we connect with our clients throughout the process and repeat particular stages based on interim discussions and new feature identifications resulting from the discussion.

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