“No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main”- this quote by John Donne is so true. You, me and us- we all hold pieces that create and complete the puzzle world puts us into and its only when we open up and share do we better understand our world and the globe. The CHRONO APP exactly focus on these lines and is developed to join connecting events and enhance our understanding of various natural and global events more objectively than subjectively.


  • User Experience – users using Chrono can create events based on daily events,weather details, economic affairs etc, and draw more relevant related facts and details from other users. Thus having a better and fact based/logical understanding of the events happening around. It also enhances the user-planning and decision-making by mapping out the global interdependence of various events.
  • Voting Power – users can vote on each connection. The app will maintain the path that gets the highest votes and reward points for creating maximum number of highest voted paths.
  • Notifications and Views – users receive new comments as well new event notifications posted by other Chrono users. Also, users can view the paths based on latest ones, most liked and popular ones.
  • Data Driven Analysis – highlights the back-end efficiency of Chrono. It indicates the use of data analytics to process all the information and help create linking patterns with the informations gathered towards specific event/topic.
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