Agile software development is one of the most effective methods to progress from an idea to a product. Agile development employs sustained planning and focuses on collaboration and incremental progress. As a result, agile enables us to respond to change rather than being married to the plan.
We follow Agile software development at Focaloid in most of our projects. We have designed our agile development framework to deliver business value by providing stability, flexibility while addressing risk and complexity. Our large pool of certified scrum masters and experienced agile developers help us accelerate software development without compromising quality. With our time tested bi-weekly sprints, we have successfully delivered multiple projects over the years.

In today's fast evoloving business world, agile software development services quickly respond to market opportunities ,improve productivity and reduce costs.

Sprint Processes

Our Agile Framework

We follow agile development methodology with 2-week sprints. While individual sprints may vary, the client can view tangible results at the end of each sprint. There are sprint reviews and continuous communication throughout. We jointly revisit the product backlog at the beginning of each sprint to re-prioritise and create the sprint backlog. The following are critical components of our agile framework.

  • Sprint Planning & Sprint Backlog
  • Biweekly sprints
  • Sprint Demo & Review
  • Sprint Retrospective

We will combine multiple sprints into a release. During every release, we will first roll out the product for UAT and subsequently to production.

Key benefits of our agile model

Here are some of the key benefits when you work with Focaloid's agile development methodology:

Accelerate time to market

Using our in house tools, processes and proven practices, we can help you launch your product faster.

Aligned to your business

Our flexible engagement models and agile delivery process enables us to align with your business goals and improve ROI

Stable and high-quality deliverables

Our QA practices and backlog grooming allows you to deliver high-quality deliverables with each release.

Transparency & Visibility into projects

We work closely with our clients and provide complete transparency into project management and progress.

Agility and Reduced Risk

Our agile teams enable you to react quickly to changes in scope or priorities and reduce the risk of failure.

Case Studies

Our Clients

We work with top startups, leading brands and enterprise
leaders, including, Fortune 500 firms.

Awards & Recognition

We have won numerous awards and accolades in recognition of our work.

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1 How do you control the budget in an Agile project?

It may at first glance seem that we cannot control the budgets for agile projects. But this is not true. When we need to run projects within a tight budget, we rely on managing the product backlog that goes into development. Our business analysts work closely with your product owner to ensure that the project is aligned with your overall vision and, at the same time, conscious of the burn rate.

2 What is the secret to a successful agile project?

Choosing a proven and trustworthy development partner is the first step. The next equally important step is allocating product owners time and attention to stay on top of the project throughout the development life cycle.

3 Do you always follow a bi-weekly sprint schedule?

We choose the sprint duration based on the nature of the project. While our bi-weekly schedule works for most projects, some projects with rapid development demand a shorter weekly sprint cycle. There are also other large projects where a 3 or 4 week development sprint turns out to be ideal. We decide this in consultation with you after understanding and evaluating your project in detail.

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