Enterprises worldwide are adapting cognitive capabilities into their business process and services to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Focaloid integrates advanced intelligence capabilities into products & applications by leveraging AI & Machine learning technologies. We help organisations create new business opportunities, enhance productivity, reduce errors and improve decision making by integrating advanced cognitive capabilities. Our data scientists and AI developers will help you build and deploy intelligent solutions at scale.

Create intelligent business solutions using AI & ML services.

Our Expertise

Our ML Solutions help you in all areas of your business operations.

Machine Learning

We provide end-to-end machine learning services from designing, developing, training and deploying models.

We offer Chatbot Development services.

Chatbot Development

We can develop intelligent and sophisticated chatbot solutions for your business that will help you automate workflows and carry out routine tasks.

We adopt natural language processing techniques to enhance best user experience & engagements.

Natural Language Processing

We can help you create applications and products that integrate text and voice processing capabilities to enhance user experience and customer engagement.

Our custom-built deep learning solutions help you build powerful and intelligent artificial neural network models that are efficient enough to automatically learn complex representations of data.

Deep Learning

Our capabilities in deep learning frameworks help you build applications that integrate neural networks.

Technologies we use

How AI & ML can improve your business ?

Businesses can benefit to a varying extent from Artificial Intelligence depending on their industry, size and use case.

Focus on valuable & strategic initiatives

With AI-driven automation, your workforce can focus on more valuable and strategic initiatives instead of tackling mundane day to day tasks.

Enhanced Security & Risk management

Businesses can use AI to monitor and identify evolving security risks in real-time to keep their business safe.

Transform data into actionable intelligence

Machine learning can help harness the power of your business data, identify actionable insights and integrate it into daily processes.

Personalisation & Recommendations

Businesses can use AI & ML to personalise their product offerings to each user based on their preferences and usage patterns.

Reducing expenses

Through chatbots and automated response systems, AI minimises human intervention and reduces operational costs. This is evident in customer support, where AI has reduced the need for having large support teams.

Automating routine tasks

AI & Machine learning can intelligently automate routine tasks resulting in higher efficiency and productivity.

Case Studies

Our Clients

We work with top startups, leading brands and enterprise
leaders, including, Fortune 500 firms.

Awards & Recognition

We have won numerous awards and accolades in recognition of our work.

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