10 programs to be familiar with in 2019

28/09/2021 20mins
Prasobh V Nair


One cannot deny the role that technology plays in our lives these days. Professionally, we have become so dependent on it that none of our works can be expected to acquire completion without its assistance. In the world of programming languages, there are some names which have attained high popularity. These include Java, C, and Python.

 The TIOBE programming community Index shared their rankings of the top programming languages in December, and it came as no surprise that the afore mentioned developers acquired top positions. These developers have expanded their reach significantly in the past few years, and the use of their programming language is now common throughout the world. However, this report also comprises of one name which many were not expecting. We are talking about Microsoft's Visual Basic. NET which managed to surprise one and all by rising above and claiming the 5th position which is an all-time high for it.

What does the index reflect?
The index enables one to decipher the popularity of various coding languages. The criteria used are the number of skilled engineers along with courses. Third-party vendors throughout the world are also taken into account.

The purpose of the index is not to decide which one of these is the best programming language. It is an indicator to check which of the developers have endeavored to keep their programming skills up to date. It can also be used to determine which language would be the best option if a new software system is being built.

Visual basic is not considered to be something worthy of much attention among professional developers who regard it as something meant for amateurs. They find it to be an option for those who are just venturing into the world of programming.

However, it is seen that in the professional domain, visual basic is used in many programs and applications. Since one does not have to face a hard time in acquiring an understanding of visual basic and it also ensures prototyping rapidly, SMBs use it to develop applications frequently.

The rise of Visual Basic has been a source of surprise for the TIOBE analysts. It managed to jump to the 6th position in February from its seventh position last year which reflects its use in the professional world.

However, while the programming language is increasing in ranking, Microsoft is phasing it out slowly. Thus, the popularity of the visual basic is expected to witness a decline in the near future.

The top 10 list
Let us now take a look at ten of the most popular programming languages of December as per the index which you should be familiar with if you want to make a splash in the world of developing applications.





Visual Basic .NET






These programming languages have been used by developers throughout the world and thus are the ones to be watched out for in the coming year. You can be sure that many new applications will be written via these languages.


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