11 App development trends to look forward in 2019

28/09/2021 20mins
Anish Prakash


Mobile devices have become such an integral part of human lives. There is rarely any activity that cannot be performed, in part or fully, with the aid of a mobile device. These apps are being upgraded at an alarming rate. Here are 11 of the most promising app development trends to look for in 2019.

1. Apps Security

There are known security loopholes in mobile apps that hackers exploit to access confidential and sensitive user information. This has been a pressing issue, especially in recent years. Mobile apps developers have created some JavaScript frameworks that aid in developing impregnable and scalable apps.

2. Apps with Beacons and Location Based Services

Applications with Wi-Fi support are becoming modified. As Google Beacon and Apple iBeacons gain wide acceptance, more integrated location-based service apps will be developed.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With the widespread popularity of apps like Siri, Google Now and Prisma coupled with the wealth of investments in AI much more is to be expected in the coming years. AI mobile application development now employ cognitive interfaces, advanced analytics, and machine learning. This is one trend that should be closely observed for rapid growth in the coming months.

4. Futuristic programming Language – Swift

The iOS programming language – swift, is bound to gain more popularity in 2019. This programming language is most likely going to succeed Objective-C in the next couple of months.

5. Innovative Wearable Devices

Stylish devices like Google Daydream View, Fitbit Flex 2, Pebble 2, Apple Watch Series 1 and Xiaomi Mi Band 2 are some of the wearable devices that have been designed. There is a growing market for these devices, and the International Data Corporation (IDC) has projected that over 210 units will be sold in 2020.

6. Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT trend came into view in 2017 in large part due to the wide acceptance of cloud-based computing and apps. IoT is positioned to become a major trend in the coming years as Analysts have predicted its Compound Annual Growth rate to be 33.3%.

7. Micro-apps and Enterprise Apps

Micro-apps and Enterprise apps collectively help their users to manage various activities with considerable ease. These apps restructure, organize and manage tasks on the go. They permit multiple persons to collaborate on a task, and this can be invaluable to certain business. Examples of such apps are Evernote, To-do list apps, and Facebook messenger

8. Mobile Apps with Cloud Computing

We are all aware of cloud technology and its potential benefits. Average smartphone users, tech professionals, and business owners are offered a lot of flexibility with this technology. State-of-the-art mobile apps are now being built that can retrieve data from the cloud without using up too much storage on the mobile device.

9. Mobile Commerce

Services like Apple Pay and Google wallet have introduced payment systems where a Credit/Debit card isn’t needed. Customers are beginning to use these systems en masse and m-commerce will continue to proliferate.

10. The Wave of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

AR and VR have long since dominated the entertainment and gaming industry. Since its reemergence in 2017, the AR technology has been adopted by games like Sky Siege, iOnRoad, myNav, and Pokemon Go. Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rifts are some of the VR devices that have been produced. AR and VR are expected to gain more popularity in the coming years.

11. Web App Landscapes with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Google launched the AMP project in 2018, and this trend has greatly reshaped mobile app development particularly in the areas of Web apps and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). AMP loads swiftly on mobile devices and has lower bounce rates. This trend is gaining traction and is very beneficial to web publishers and visitors alike.


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