5 Modern cloud server hosting providers trending in 2019

28/09/2021 20mins
Prasobh V Nair


Now that you have successfully created your own software and mobile application, the next important step is to find the right cloud server.

For many developers, finding the best cloud server can be confusing. Read on to find out some important tips in determining the right cloud server provider and find out what are the best options available.

Determining the Best Server For Your Software and Mobile App

Back in the day, organizations only have three major options for hosting services – shared hosting, virtual private hosting, and dedicated hosting. However, when cloud computing technology was introduced, many organizations saw its advantages and since then cloud computing has taken the industry by storm, with a growing number of organizations now using them instead of the conventional hosting services.

The Benefits of Using Cloud Serve Services Platform include the following:

Cloud server allows for easy access to your organization’s data which will save you both time and money

  • Most cloud computing services are pay-as-you-go.
  • Compared to the conventional in-house IT security system, you can benefit from the cloud hosting provider’s dedicated monitoring and security system.
  • Studies show that data security is enhanced when sensitive information are stored off-site.
  • Cloud server hosting promotes flexibility and scalability
  • Given that majority of consumers today are using smartphones, cloud computing gives excellent advantage in that it allows mobile access.
  • Cloud server is not as vulnerable to data crashes as your data will be stored in multiple places.

 The top 5 Best Modern Cloud Servers

 1. Amazon AWS Cloud Server

Founded in 2006, Amazon AWS Cloud Server has earned a reputation as a secure and reliable cloud server platform and is preferred by many organizations. Amazon’s cloud services include computing power, content delivery, database storage, and other features which are helpful for businesses to grow and expand. Amazon AWS allows for easier cloud migration, has a robust security system, is big on versatility and flexibility, and they have a dedicated customer support for customer assistance.

2. Google Cloud Server

Google Cloud server was launched in 2008. Its main strengths include Google’s top of the line computing engine and its enormous storage capability and support for machine learning and Internet of Things or IoT. Google also offers live migration, application development, and reconciliation services.

3. IBM Cloud Server

IBM Cloud server has been in the industry since 2014. Compared to other cloud servers on this list, IBM is quite a newer entry. But IBM cloud excels in going beyond technological boundaries. It is extremely versatile and easily adapts to newer technologies and gadgets today. IBM is also known for their advanced security system and scalability.

4. Linode Cloud Server

Linode Cloud Server was founded in 2003, Linode utilizes XEN VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting module. Although relatively more costly, Linode offers lightning-fast services and gives you the advantages of having a dedicated private network.

5. Windows Azure Cloud Server

Windows Azure Cloud Server was introduced in 2008 and as of 2017, it is identified as the most utilized open cloud platform. Microsoft Azure’s cloud services include analytics, databases, storage, servers, and networking among many others. Azure offers a cost-effective cloud computing services. They have an extremely reliable system and quickly adapts to an organization’s growth and expansion.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best cloud server hosting provider has many implications for any software or mobile application that are far reaching. By the end of this article, we hope you have gathered some insights in deciding which cloud server hosting suits your mobile application best.


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