8 ways the Internet of Things will change the way we live and work

28/09/2021 20mins
Shaibana S


“Internet of things” is a phrase that is not new or unfamiliar to people. It is becoming increasingly common nowadays, whether you talk about smartphones or smart houses. Like the Internet or personal computers, the internet of things will certainly change the way we live and work. In a research, it has been estimated that in the coming two years there will be more than 24bn IoT devices.

This article will discuss 8 ways in which the Internet of Things will change the way we live and work.

1. Appliances doing the work in your Home and Offices
Have you ever wished not to spend hours preparing the grocery list? Nowadays, things are made a lot easier with smart technology. For example, Tagg was an amazing invention this year which allowed you to track the vitals and location of your pet. Apart from this, there are device controlling apps, for instance, like the one Apple came up with. Similar to this, there are a lot of changes that are coming into the offices, with the help of the Internet of Things. You can control almost everything, from locations to the climate and electricity use.

2.Internet: an Ecosystem
With an increasing number of devices coming in the market and making a place in your life, your town and the world, the Internet of Things will become more of an Ecosystem. In order for these devices to work efficiently and share information, they will have to interconnect in better ways.

3.The Rise of Machines
With the help of machines and the ability to deliver data from sensors to smartphones, managers now have the ability to detect maintenance issues or bottlenecks before anything goes wrong.

4.Smart Vehicles
A perfect example of this is the Tesla S, which gets even better with time due to its amazing software which delivers the data back to the engineers in the company. With the help of this data, the programmers are constantly working on improving and upgrading this vehicle to function in the best way.

5. Being Less Secure
With all the positives, one of the negative aspects of this connectivity is your data being less private and secure. There are a lot of hackers and criminals who know how to get into systems.

6. Your Shopping experience will change
Instead of turning to a local store, people now prefer places like Amazon and Walmart. Companies can easily track if they are out of stock, with the help of smart devices.

7.Healthcare with Improve
An example of this is the various smartwatches that help you measure and reach your fitness goals. Furthermore, hospitals using smart beds and other technology is another example.

8.The growth of Renewable Energy
As devices turn to green sources, companies would be moving toward renewable energy sources.

As data and technology continue to take over the world, we will soon be living in a world that is smart. Internet of Things will surely and drastically change the way we work and live. The revolution has already begun.


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