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Advantages of Android Application Development for Your Business


Advantages of Android Application Development for Your Business

Earlier business happened in physical stores. Customers traveled from their homes or offices to the stores. They inspected the various items and purchased the ones they liked. Then the Internet revolution took place. E-commerce became the trend. Customers entered the URL of the business on their computers. They went through the items included on the website. Then they paid for the desired product and/or service by online payment. The purchased goods were shipped to their homes and/or offices. Thus, physical stores were largely replaced by online stores.

Nowadays, people prefer apps over websites. The reason being apps are easier to use than websites. You do not have to type anything to access the app. Also, there is a proliferation of smartphones. Most mobile owners carry their devices wherever they go. Laptops and tablets are heavier and bulkier than smartphones. It is much more convenient and easier to carry and use smartphones. Also, mobile apps work offline too unlike websites. All you have to do is click to use the mobile app. As per statistics, people prefer to use mobiles over other computing devices to shop online. A mobile app is a necessity and not a luxury for any business. Smaller businesses can compete with larger and more established players by having a well-designed and useful mobile app.

Most smartphones in the world have an Android operating system installed on them. We take a look at the pros of having Android apps for your business.

  • Include Custom ROMs in Android Application Development

Thanks to custom ROMs you can easily change the app’s design as well as performance. Most of the ROMs do not cost a penny as they are developed as a pastime by some coders. You get the ability to personalize Android smartphones to align with your organization’s model as well as strategies.

  • Evolving Nature of Android Application Development

Android device manufacturers introduce fresh features to get a competitive edge. The Android developer community adapts to the features in a minimum time. HD screens, mobile transactions, and NFC are some of the offerings of Android OS.

  • Provide Superior Innovation

Your business can better target a particular audience with useful features by employing state-of-the-art technology. It will not cost you much to include modern technology such as the Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality in Android application development. The platform offers immense opportunities for innovation and taps new revenue streams.

  • Minimize Time to Market

Today there are many entities offering more or less the same kind of business apps. The early mover has a definite advantage. The Android platform enables quicker development and more convenient integration of desired functionalities. This way you can release your business app earlier than your competitors and capture more market share. The platform also helps to modify the business app to include fresh requirements in minimum time. This is a stellar advantage of Android application development.

  • Leverage Google Services Better

Android apps integrate better with Google services compared to other platforms in the market. The app can fully tap into the power of Google’s applications as well as services. Whenever Google introduces a fresh service or app it will work seamlessly on any Android app. Android application development is a smart and strategic decision reaping both short-term and long-term benefits. 

  • Tap into the Power of Wearable Devices

Wearable technology is the norm nowadays. Also, wearable devices function as effective communication tools. As per statistics, over 54% of organizations have adopted a BYOW (Bring Your Own Wearable) practice. Android apps enable the integration of modern wearable technology with different business systems. Android application development offers the opportunity to leverage wearable technology for maximum benefit.

  • Ease of Customization in Android Application Development

The Android platform comes with a high degree of flexibility. You can easily customize the Android app as per your business’s needs and expectations. A variety of modifications ranging from simple to sophisticated can be incorporated with ease in Android application development. As per evolving requirements enterprises can integrate as well as upgrade the necessary tools as well as data management services. Integration of multimedia tools makes the app more appealing and useful. Thanks to customization the app can target a broader audience and provide personalized offerings. 

  • Superior Security

The Android platform offers more robust security than apps developed in other platforms such as Apple. Your business app is better protected from malware and viruses.

  • Perfect for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

The practice of BYOD is becoming more and more popular in the workplace. The benefits of BYOD are superior communication and collaboration without being affected by where the individual is located or the time of the day. Thanks to the wide prevalence of Android-powered devices, BYOD can be implemented easily. Most Android-loaded devices are affordable to individuals belonging to varying economic strata.

  • Save Money

The Android Software Development Kit (SDK) is free. Also, the process of developing Android apps is cheaper when benchmarked against other platforms. There is a large and helpful Android community. In case of challenges or issues in Android application development, Android app developers can approach the community for help. Owners of the Android business app can price their app competitively to garner greater market share, revenue as well as profits.

  • Easy to Build

There exists a large pool of talented and skilled Android app developers. They possess the required expertise and experience to build high-quality Android business apps quickly. Apps developed by them function flawlessly, boast of high performance, and have the ability to withstand the load. They are able to anticipate challenges in the development process and ensure they don’t affect or delay the release of the Android business app. Android application development is easier and delivers optimum results

  • Can Function on Multiple Devices

People do not use only one kind of Android-powered device such as a mobile. Other devices used by folk include tablets, wearables, Android TV, and more. Android apps work seamlessly on different types of devices. So, your business app can reach a wider audience and is not restricted only to smartphones. You can safely claim that Android application development offers a high degree of flexibility and versatility.

  • Ease of Scalability

Your Android business app may have been designed with a particular number of users and features in mind. But the market keeps on changing. Your app may attract more users or fewer users than before. More features may need to be included or there may be a situation where the existing number of features may need to be decreased. The Android platform allows developers to scale the business app up and down with ease and in less time. As a result, only an optimum version of the business app would exist. So, you save money by not having excessive features than required. Also, by offering features as per market demand you do not lose potential customers who are seeking more features. This is a significant benefit of Android business apps.

  • Compatible with Multiple Platforms

The Java programming language is used to develop Android business apps.  Thus, the app works on different operating systems including Ubuntu, Symbian, and more. Also, there is a large pool of expert and experienced Java developers. Thus, it’s easier as well as cheaper to develop Android business apps. Thanks to inherent portability Android business apps can reach a broader global audience. Also, Java offers robust security. Thus, Android business apps are more secure and less susceptible to downtime. As you may already know if a business app is down the business is halted. This may drive away existing customers and discourage potential customers. Business reputation may take a hit affecting customer engagement, revenues as well as profits.

  • Almost Real-Time Deployment

Did you know that Android apps can be developed in hours? Thus, they can be released in the market in a very short span of time. Your business app is now ready to be used and the revenue stream commences. The Google Play Store approves Android-powered apps in less time than the Apple store. This is a major advantage of Android business apps. They get the early mover advantage which translates to a tangible competitive advantage.

  • Superior ROI (Return on Investment)

There exists only a single-time registration charge for Android application distribution. Any type of computing device can be used to create and test the business app. As there is a large base of Android users you can afford to price your business app at a discounted rate. Compared to other platforms the costs associated with building, testing, and distributing Android apps are less. So, you are likely to obtain a relatively higher return on your overall investment.

  • Easier to Develop, Test and Deploy

Android developers have easier access to development and testing tools.  The hardware on which the apps have to be rigorously tested is less expensive than hardware for other existing platforms. One pro is that it is getting easier and less expensive to churn out Android apps than in the past. This trend is likely to persist and mostly ramp up in the future.

Whether you do Android application development in-house or outsource it, your business will be better positioned and likely to be more effective as well as profitable.

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