APM Health powers the performance of industrial assets

28/09/2021 20mins
Susan Margret Correya


APM Health is a Predix-based Asset Performance Management tool that standardizes the collection of disparate, machinery, operations and IT data, and has them in a unified view. The solution provides a real-time view of the status of the health of different systems, delivers warnings of potential failures, and highlights risk areas.

APM Health enables industries to gain insights into the functioning of their systems – their health, status, and related areas, as well as helps improve time to value, automate data integration as well as activate data analytics.

With APM Health, an industrial organization can:

1. Put the performance of assets in context: By bringing together data from information technology and operations technology, APM Health enables users to analyze and contextualize data more simply with respect to their functional operations and the performance of assets. 

2. Improve utilization and eliminate instances of downtime: APM Health will continuously monitor the functioning of systems, detect and diagnose asset performance issues, and help prevent unplanned downtime. 

3. Improve visibility: With improved visibility into their functions as represented on the dashboard, industries can gain better insight into their current operations and make informed decisions to improve business outcomes. 

Key features of APM Health

1. Health manager: Health manager collects available data to determine the current health status of an asset. 

2. Rounds: With Rounds, workers can collect data in the field with their mobile phones.

3. Calibration management: Calibration management provides tools and work processes for managing the calibration of instrumentation and critical devices in the plant. 

This new innovation of GE and Intel looks at unlocking the possibilities of innovation in an industrial organization and ways to drive the industry forward. 


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