Emerging technologies reshaping our world

28/09/2021 20mins
Phani Kumar S


Rapid advancements in the world of artificial intelligence, automation, and digitization, in general, have redefined how our industries and business work. There has been a lot of revolution in the world of manufacturing and transport, energy management, agriculture, and healthcare.

Atop that, based on the artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, predictive analysis has further allowed business processes to improve a great deal. Overall, it has enabled businesses to make better-automated decisions on demand, in order to meet the goals of the business. At the same time, predictive analytics may also be used in industries such as healthcare in order to improve the experiences of patients, hospital administration, and in disease management.

With the improvement in the technology trends and evolution in their scope, scope the standardization also broadens. There are a number of areas in which new standards are constantly being developed. These areas include IT security techniques, personal and card identification, audio coding, multimedia and picture information, biometrics, cloud computing, data capture techniques, automatic identification, governance, and IT service management.

For the broad adoption of artificial intelligence, such standardization is extremely important. Artificial intelligence takes away most of the shares of attention because it is considered the most crucial and enabling technology of our lifetime. Atop that, there are way too many stakeholders that are involved with artificial intelligence. These stakeholders include practitioners, research, academia, policy makers, advocates of ethics, and various different industries.

According to the DAQRI founder, Brian Mullins, most of his career was spent working on serious applications of augmented reality. He is currently focused on bringing augmented reality to the enterprise and industrial applications. He states that he has had first-hand experience with these technologies connecting the workers to information and knowledge in new innovative ways.

Indeed, technology today is transforming and reshaping our world in ways more than just the way people operate. Rather, it is something that is deeply ingrained inside our workspaces, our bodies, our homes, and in our entire lives. According to the director of digital policy at Norwegian Consumer Council, Finn Myrstad, there are a number of new challenges that this brings.

In terms of the protection of the people’s data and privacy, an entirely new way of thinking is required. Moreover, it has to be dealt with in a way so as to ensure that their data remains secure and that our actions are aligned with their expectations – according to Myrstad. He further adds that it is possible for a brand to get destroyed completely by a single breach of data. That is how critical security of data is.

Where on one hand the emerging technology that is reshaping our world will bring some inevitable obstacles, it creates a greater number of advancement opportunities. The Cofounder of Harlem, John Henry is an investor who seeks entrepreneurs willing to bring a different. He says that his entire business revolves around finding people who have the guts to something different and innovative.

With advancement in technology, new businesses and startups are finding better ways to obtain funding whereas, in history, such access to capital was extremely limited and restrictive.


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