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Get Familiar With Contemporary Mobile App Development Services


Get Familiar With Contemporary Mobile App Development Services

Currently, an increasing number of individuals and organizations are purchasing and using smart mobile phones. The latter usually comes with a few pre-installed mobile apps. If a business requires other mobile apps they can be downloaded from app stores for free or at a price. Enterprises have the choice to buy an off-the-shelf mobile app that fits their budget and requirements. Else, it is wise to hire a professional mobile app development services company to build a customized mobile app.

What is a mobile app?

A mobile app is a software that is designed to work on mobile hardware including watches, tablets, and smartphones. Today there are umpteen mobile apps for various purposes including shopping, banking, marketing, and business. Users have to download the desired app from app stores. Currently, Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store are the major and dominant app stores. For your information, Focaloid is a reputed entity having a stellar and proven track record in mobile app development services.

Why have mobile apps?

  • It is an advance in technology-  Today, users prefer mobile apps to mobile-friendly websites.
  • More likely to be used –  As people usually carry their mobiles to most places your app is available for more time than websites.
  • Real-time communication –  Thanks to mobile apps, businesses can have real-time interactions with users.
  • Additional payment channel –  It is convenient and safe for customers to make purchases and remit payments by using a mobile app.
  • Send notifications –  Enterprises can inform customers about new products and services. They can also announce special offers and changes in company policies.
  • Provide more value when benchmarked against competitors –  Currently, many enterprises don’t have a dedicated and customized mobile app. Having a quality and responsive mobile app definitely gives businesses an edge over their peers.
  •  Full solution and service –  A single app can provide all the necessary features and functionality. It will also be a single point of contact.
  •  Leverage the power of social media –  Mobile apps can be seamlessly integrated with popular and powerful social media platforms.
  • Superior customer service –  The app is easily accessible and customers don’t have to wait for availing the services of an agent. You need fewer customer agents as some of the work is shouldered by the app.

 List of a few technologies used to develop contemporary mobile apps

  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • React Native
  • Flutter
  • Ionic

Focaloid is one of the best mobile app development companies in the UK as well as the US. Rely on their dynamic team for niche mobile app development services.


Currently, there are 4 major types of mobile apps. They are given below.

  • Native Mobile Apps

Examples of native apps are iOS and Android apps. The advantage of native apps is superior performance and better security. Note that native apps have direct access to the available hardware elements of the device. They are able to leverage the full power, features, and functionality of the device. Major global players such as Facebook and WhatsApp have native apps.

  •  Cross-platform Mobile Apps

These types of apps have the ability to work on different mobile platforms. Precious time and money are saved as the same source code can be used across different platforms. Firefox and Chrome are examples of cross-platform mobile apps.

  • Hybrid Mobile Apps

These are mobile apps crafted leveraging web technologies. They resemble native apps and can run on different platforms. The technologies employed include HTML5 and JavaScript. Instagram and Gmail are classic examples of Hybrid Apps.

  • Progressive Web App

These apps match native apps in terms of capability. They are compatible with different devices and work seamlessly in any geographical location. Technologies used to build these mobile apps include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and others. Starbucks and BMW have progressive web apps

 Important points to keep in mind while choosing a mobile app development company

    • TECHNICAL EXPERTISE – The entity should have experience in the relevant technologies needed to create a high-quality mobile app. The company’s technical experts need to know the pros and cons of different mobile app-related technologies. They should recommend the right technology for an enterprise’s unique and specific requirements.
    • DOMAIN KNOWLEDGE – The company should have knowledge of and familiarity with the domain of the app. Talk with their domain experts to evaluate their knowledge as well as communication skills.
    • MARKET CREDIBILITY – Ask for past references. A background check is required to know whether the company has the claimed capability and experience to develop the app. Also, check whether they are reliable and able to meet your deadlines. Meticulously go through company reviews available on the Internet.
    • TRANSPARENCY –The organization ought to be transparent in its actions and processes. Also, the firm should regularly provide updates about project-related developments.
    • SCALABILITY FACTOR- Presently a fledgling business may need only limited features in the mobile app. As the business grows it may desire or require additional functionality and features. The mobile apps should be specifically designed to be scalable if the need arises.
    • CUSTOMER SERVICE – After-sales service is extremely important. Even after the app is delivered there may be future problems such as software bugs, performance issues, security breaches, and others. Business should not be held up because of these factors.
    • PRIVACY CONCERNS – The development firm should have a stellar track record of ensuring the confidentiality of client data, financial information, and business secrets as well as processes.
    • LOCAL PRESENCE – There are quite a few premium mobile app development companies in the United Kingdom as well as in the United States of America. It is wise to select a local entity offering high-end mobile app development services.


Note that hiring a quality mobile app development services provider will incur some expenses. But businesses will profit significantly in the long run. A good quality mobile app will help organizations expand their existing client base, respond faster to events/requests/queries and assist in company branding. The former also gives enterprises a professional image and ramps up awareness about their offered products and services.


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