Focaloid listed as a top AI and IoT Outsourcing Company

28/09/2021 20mins
Susan Margret Correya


Focaloid has been featured in the AI and IoT Outsourcing Companies category in Time Doctor's list of 31 of The Best Outsourcing Companies in India.

Time Doctor is a SaaS product company that helps organizations and individuals be more productive and stay efficient. It helps individuals stay away from distractions and complete important tasks in time. The product is ideal for companies who have a majority of their workforce working remotely and for managing virtual teams. 

The list brought out by Time Doctor features companies that have brought out solutions that help businesses significantly cut organizational costs. These companies have also helped businesses focus on their core business activity, solve capacity issues and enhance service quality. 

The list also mentions top companies in other categories like Call Centers, Customer Support, Financial Services and more.

The list will act as a go-to guide for businesses who need to identify the best outsourcing companies in India. 



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