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28/09/2021 20mins
Ramesh Ch



Yummy food is something that everybody craves for. But in today’s fast paced world, people hardly get time to go out and enjoy food. It is such situations where a food delivery application can turnout to be a godsend. Now, while most of you have already guessed what a food delivery app, really is, some of you might still be wondering, right? A food delivery application is nothing but a simple application that can prove to be pretty handy in getting your favourite food at your door steps. Now, let’s jump in and skim through the features that have been inculcated in one of such food delivery applications.

Application Features

  • User management :- The users need to create an account for themselves to this application. For that, you need to fill a form and a username and password will be provided for login. Apart from using social media login options, you also have the option to recover respective account in case if you forgot the credentials. When you set your profile you can select the delivery address. Along with that you have a wish list, shopping cart that allows the user to keep a track of all the goodies they would like to binge on. While ordering each goodie, the users get reward points that can be used to buy other products. And definitely, a track record of all the transactions done is also kept in your account.
  • Notification management :- It is very important that the users get to know what is new. Be it the products or the recent launches and offers offered by the restaurant. Additionally, the notification management is responsible for notifying you about the order status, discount coupon codes etc.
  • Product management :- An effective food delivery application is the one which can manage the products in a very efficient and effective manner. The main feature that needs to be taken care of is the product listings. The listing is done in such a manner that the discounted price if any is given the limelight. A clear display of the name of the product and a short description about the delicious taste along with the price is mirrored with the app. You also have the option to add the product to cart, compare the prices, reviewing and rating the product. Sorting and filtering of the products based on their price and category is another standout feature. The application also suggests the products to its users based on popularity, high ratings etc. the application has a simplified processing, instant in-sync. It is an effective solution to all your hunger needs. It can be configured on almost all the smartphones. It has the latest smart features that can be edited according to your needs and stuffs. It also gives various suggestions based on your preferences.
  • Order management :- The app which is designed by keeping user friendliness in mind, offers peerless order management. The user has an easy access to the things in his shopping cart. It is easy to retrieve the details of the items, total price and additional offers that have been offered to him. The checkouts of the guests, registered users, the payment gateways, application of discount coupons and offers can be performed with few clicks. Apart from this he normal order management features like referring to bonus points, printing of invoices, reordering and confirmation using emails additional features like specification of minimum order based on value and quantity, keeping a track of the order date and the delivery time slot is also tagged with this application.
  • Delivery management :- Keeping a track of the delivery time, the status of the order and the delivery boy is incorporated in this app in an efficient manner. Any special charges for delivery to a particular location or timeslot are also shown at the time of making the final payment.
  • Applications management :- This is the most effective and important part of the promotion. The details about the restaurant, their terms and condition, privacy policy etc are mirrored via this section apart from showing accurate data about their contact details. The option to give a feedback about the services offered, subscribing to the newsletter is also added.

Admin Panel

  • Admin management :- The admin backend is designed in such a manner that it can be easily handled by the any individual who is a non-techie. The addition, deletion, or any changes regarding the products, offers, discounts, promotional offers, new launches etc can be easily performed. The admin can easily edit the orders placed by their customers in case the customer customizes his order post-ordering. Easy management of return requests and keeping track of the transactions of the customers are other unique features.
  • Dashboard :- This provides the data which can be accessed by the clients as and when required. The main purpose of this is to give the clients the real time data about the performance and reviews of the restaurant.
  • Order list :- A track of the order placed by the individuals can be kept at the server’s end for easy accessing and delivery.
  • Time slot :- This enables the administration to edit, reassign or decide the comfortable time slots on the delivery can be done or can be picked up by the customer as per his need. The time slots can be changed easily and more conveniently.
  • Offers :- The offers and promotions can be updated easily. There is ample space and ambience that has been created by the designers to promote your offers by describing them well. The options to edit, promote and deactivate the offers are easily available.

General features

  • Customizable :- The clients can easily customize their app according to their needs like what they want to know. How the order has to be managed etc. they can select the options of notifications on what is new and trending on our application.
  • Status order updates :- They can track down the status of their order. This helps both the customers and the managers. The customers can track down the status of their orders and also the managers can know how much of the orders have been completed and delivered.
  • User friendly :- This application is user friendly and can be used by anybody.
  • Easy data sync :- The pages have been designed keeping in mind the memory status of the user’s phone. The pages are light weighted based on the coding yet they are classy and error free.

How it Works

  • The customers can create their account by providing the details asked by them.
  • On successful creation of the account they can login and visit the homepage and browse through the items, place the orders, look at the new offers and discounts.
  • They can place the order, select the timeslot, track down their orders.
  • The navigation through the pages is easy. A scroll menu has been provided on the screen that can help the viewers go from one page to other.
  • If they wish they can rate our service, give their valuable feedbacks, share the application and of course promote the app.

Benefits of Our Food Delivery Mobile App

In this busy schedule of you will hardly get time to go to a restaurant and get you food. This will cause you time to be wasted and your food to get cold by the time you travel back home. Whereas when you use our application you can order the food at your doorstep with just a click and enjoy it steaming hot. The food will be delivered to you within the given time limit. Another point is that it is easy to use and also will notify you about the latest offers and discounts applicable. This will help you to save your money. Apart from this you will be able to utilize your previous orders to simplify your work.

Do I really need a Mobile App for my Business?

This food delivery app, with its peerless user friendly features, can turn out to be an inevitable application with time. Imaging the amount of time and effort that you will save with such an application, feels worth it right? If no, think again. By using this application you will get more customers because the people who are not able to visit your place will be able to connect with you using this app. You will get more orders and happy customers. If the designed is more user friendly and client helping, then the customers you will be happy and will promote your business. This will bring in more customers and new clients. This will help you promote your discount, offers, new products etc.

What we Offer?

  • Exclusive Mobile App :- This application has been designed to be used exclusively on the mobiles for easy delivery of your favorite food without having to visit the restaurant personally.
  • Easy Control Panel :- The application has been designed in such a way that it is easy to use and understand for the not so pro’s in the smartphones. It has to be used easily by the kids as well as elders so the control panels have been designed keeping all these points in mind.


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