Here is why you need a social media detox

28/09/2021 20mins
Anish Prakash


Do you remember the last time when your mind was free from the thoughts of the number of likes and follows that you had received on your social media accounts? Or have you ever spent less than two minutes checking your social media feed? Chances are that you must have got hooked on and ended up wasting a significant amount of time.

Indeed, there comes a point where one needs a social media detox in order to sort the things in life that have been ruined because of social media procrastination.

So in this regard, we have compiled a list of reasons why you may need a social media detox. These include:

#Pain in the back, wrists, or neck

A number of heavy social media users tend to report pain in their wrists that come from excessive typing and holding the smartphone for longer periods of time, and pain in the neck or back which comes from a prolonged posture. Apart from that, headache due to eye-strain is yet another common reason. In case any of these signs persist for a longer period of time, you should know that it is time to take a break from the internet.

#You may be feeling insecure

Have you ever felt the need to immediately go out and to buy things that you do not really need? Or do you ever feel like you are not talented enough as compared to others around you?. Chances are that social media is to blame. As a result of social media, many people end up getting jealous of others due to which they feel insecure about themselves. This usually results in impulsive decisions that are not very sustainable in the long run. So if you feel this way, know that you need a social media detox.

#You may be wasting a lot of time

Often at times, people end up getting so obsessed with the internet that they take a long time in order to get their point across. Often at times, people take as much as 30 minutes only to get a post ready. If this is you, then know that this is a very unhealthy way to cope up with things. In fact, you will be giving importance to something that only matters in the virtual realm and not in the real-life. So if you find yourself doing this quite often, consider taking a break.

#You may not be meeting your self-care needs

Self-care and your health should be your first priority. Due to procrastination on social media, often at times, people forget to eat properly. Similarly, many people keep on delaying their self-care tasks simply because they prioritize their Twitter timelines more. In case you can relate to this, know that self-care and health should be your first priority. In case you simply ignore them, you may end up regretting in the long run because once bad habits develop, it often becomes very difficult to get rid of them. In case you feel like this is you, there is certainly a need for social media detox.


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