Highlights of the 2018 Chrome Dev Summit

28/09/2021 20mins
Anish Prakash


In this article, we aim to cover the major points that were discussed in the 2018 Chrome Dev Summit. Indeed, the Chrome Dev Summit is one of the biggest events that occur in the consumer space. Yet, it is one of the events that get possibly the least amount of attention.

While this event does not get as much attention as other summits, it plays a great role especially when it comes to browsers. This is primarily because Google Chrome is the go-to browser of a large number of internet users.

The Google Chrome Dev Summit that occurred this year in 2018 covered a number of updates and different features that are going to be a part of Chrome. It is evident that Google seems to be focusing a lot on the internet. At the same time, Chrome is the one tool that a big number of people use to find access to the internet.

The features that were announced in the Summit include:


Squoosh is an application that keeps a user page interactive for as long as the page loads. This is extremely important for a better experience on the internet. After all, people do not want to have a bad experience and really do not like sitting idle until the last bit of the website loads. Instead, people prefer to move quickly and scroll down as soon as possible. In order to make this happen, Google has been trying to make Chrome off-load as much as possible. In order to make this possible, Squoosh will be available to users which can be used to compress images almost in an instant.

Project Visbug

Project Visbug has long been talked about. It is an extension for Google Chrome which makes easy point and click web designs possible. This is a valuable tool for those designers and developers who do not want to mess up with the website’s source code. Instead of having to fiddle with the code, this extension allows them to simply drag by clicking in order to move the elements. Firebug, which was a Firefox extension had a similar functionality.

Better PWA Support

Progressive Web Applications are considered to be a big matter of concern, especially on mobile devices. Moreover, these also happen to be quite exciting for a user. This is because progressive web applications allow web pages to look and act like traditional applications. This is a great alternative in cases where users do not wish to install other applications. In all good news, Google has decided to expand the PWA support on to the desktop which includes Chrome OS, Linux, Mac, and Windows in the Chrome 72 browser.

Apart from the others features, Google also announced in the Chrome Dev Summit which is a portal that offers hands-on guidance to web developers. By using web-dev, developers can easily master web development standards. In order to make this possible, the web platform team at Google spent a great deal of time perhaps more than a decade, figuring out the needs of the users.


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