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Plug Your Technological Gap in 2022- Hire Dedicated Developers


Plug Your Technological Gap in 2022- Hire Dedicated Developers


With brands constantly diversifying their portfolio, you will see a lot of workers with very different roles in a single office. From traditional roles like consultants to new modern roles like ML and AI engineers, a company needs a wide range of workers. Sometimes, it can get quite challenging to find the right worker for the role you need. This creates a technological gap between your brand’s commitment and your actual ability. Hiring dedicated developers can help you plug this gap.


As per research, hiring dedicated developers also comes cheaper. You can save more than  60% of the development cost for your mobile or web project. With their flexible engagement model, your brand can hire highly qualified and experienced workers to create high-end products. By hiring dedicated developers in 2022, you save big bucks on software development while implementing the best development practices to increase your efficiency. You can hire dedicated developers from several companies, such as Focaloid, who offer services in many roles.


Why should you hire dedicated developers in 2022?


By hiring dedicated developers, you can bridge the gap between your requirements and the capability of your office team. You can create and shape your business ideas into reality in the form of high-end solutions. Let’s look at some of the top reasons to hire dedicated developers for your brand.


 Dedicated Team


A dedicated team is solely focused on the task on hand. They are well versed in their work and are capable of implementing the latest technologies to work on the project provided to them. With no distractions, what you receive at the end is a product of the highest quality.


 A flexible model of engagement


Depending on your needs and requirements, you can hire dedicated developers in a flexible model. You can hire them on a part-time basis, full-time basis, or on a project basis. After accurately identifying your needs, you can hire the necessary team of dedicated developers and avoid unnecessary costs.




Hire dedicated developers and you can save a lot on payroll and employee benefits. In addition, you don’t have to keep them on after their contract expires. You also save money on operations and development software.


Maintenance and support


Most dedicated developers come with a support and maintenance team. They will support and assist your brand in every stage of the development and delivery of the project. Sometimes you get support even after the delivery of a project.


On-time delivery


Dedicated developers have a high rate of on-time delivery. It’s no surprise, with their efforts being solely dedicated to working on your project. By hiring dedicated developers, you can avoid delays and launch your products on time.




The onus of maintaining security and securing confidential data lies on the hired team. And most dedicated developers provide highly secure data compliance to ensure that no security breach occurs. When you hire dedicated developers, you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure.


Services you can avail yourself by hiring dedicated developers

UI/UX Design


By working on a solid design strategy, you can uplift the whole look of your website or application. Hire dedicated developers for UI/UX design and employ the use of latest technologies like user research, clean code, unit tests and interface design to bring your desired looks to life. Further, your business gets to have a direct line of communication with them, and you can collaborate with them as many times as you wish.


Quality Assurance


The job of a quality analyst is to combine various skills and user testing tools to ensure that a product works as it ideally should. Good quality analysts in the industry will have expertise in the latest industry-approved testing tools to inspect the quality of your product. By combining their experience with the latest tools, you can rest assured that your product will go through the highest quality checks.


 Application Development


You can hire dedicated developers and create apps across multiple platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows. They can even help you create cross-platform solutions using React Native or Flutter. They work with integrated applications as well as custom applications. Adopting a cloud-based approach and using scalable microservices will ensure that your application will last you long into the future.


Technical Architectural Consulting


Dedicated technical architectural consultants will conduct a technological audit to map and evaluate your requirements. Based on the results of their assessment, they can suggest changes. With the experience of delivering applications that work at any scale and across several platforms, you can rest assured that your project will be in safe hands.


Cloud and DevOps


DevOps combine software development and IT operations to create short development cycles. This allows you to make regular releases while animating quality. Hire dedicated developers for Cloud and DevOps, and you can gain IT agility without compromising quality or reliability.


Product strategy and roadmap


Dedicated developers work actively with you to create a roadmap and strategy for your brand. Using their domain expertise and experience, they help you redefine and shape your strategy to meet your objectives.


What solution does the Focaloid dedicated development team offer in 2022?


You can hire dedicated developers from Focaloid for a wide range of technologies. Focaloid doesn’t just focus on providing solutions for the present but the future so that your brand can grow and scale unhindered. From technologies ranging from Backend to cloud, the team of workers at Focaloid is experts in a large range of technologies. They can augment your staff and plug your technological gaps to help you succeed. Some of the services Focaloid provides are. 



  •       Product Engineering
  •       Cloud and DevOps
  •       Digital Transformation
  •       Technical Architecture Consulting
  •       Migration to Cloud
  •       UI/UX Design
  •       Microservice and API
  •       Quality Assurance
  •       IOT
  •       Application Development
  •       Big Data and Analytics
  •       Product Strategy and Roadmaps
  •       ML and AI




By leveraging the right workforce, any brand can succeed in the market. However, with constantly increasing and stiff competition for skilled workers, small companies often fail to break through their limits. Hiring dedicated developers is the perfect solution to such a problem. By hiring dedicated developers, you can immediately gain a development team to meet your requirements. You can thus, compete on an even scale with large brands and release products of the highest quality. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and hire dedicated developers now!


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