How HE can transform cybersecurity and cloud computing

28/09/2021 20mins
Anish Prakash


Cyber attacks can destroy national security, intellectual property of businesses, and peace of mind of private citizens who are worried about their confidential financial and personal data. That is why internet security has become one of the biggest concerns and priorities of the Digital Era. How do we protect our personal information from malicious identity theft and sabotage?

Internet security experts are hoping the answer lies in HE or Homomorphic Encryption and how HE can transform cybersecurity and cloud computing technologies.

The nature of cyber theft

One of the biggest threats to cybersecurity may be sitting in our inbox. For example, Spear phishing involves sending an email that acts as a Trojan Horse, penetrating the security wall through an unsuspecting user. The person unwittingly clicks on the attachment or link, because he recognizes the names of the people who sent the email.

This simple click launches a cyber attack that includes malware infiltration and data exfiltration. That can cost thousands of dollars to identify and fix, and even more in revenue loss. Businesses may be forced to shut down a website or lose critical information to competitors. Governments can face imminent danger to terrorist attack.

How do you fight an invisible enemy?

The obvious response is to monitor, but the problem is that data encryption restricts visibility. How can a security expert protect data he can’t see? He must be able to decrypt the data to know if a cyber terrorist is penetrating a network. Unfortunately, most APT security systems guard this information even from the people who protect it.

Furthermore, encryption is only possible for data that is at rest or data in transit. It’s like the problem of presidential security: it’s easier to protect the President when he is in the White House or in the limo or Air Force 1, but how do you protect him when he is meeting with heads or state or at official functions? He is at his most vulnerable when he is at work, but a President must work and data must be used. How do you protect data when it is being processed?

How does ‘HE’ encryption help?

Security experts are banking on HE (Homomorphic Encryption) to transform Cybersecurity. It is a new way of monitoring encrypted information, sensitive signatures and allowing host-based monitoring capabilities to access this information. Even the most complicated audio or video files also can be protected even in cloud computing environments.

Fully homomorphic encryption basically allows networks to run like an advanced data guard. It empowers authorized access to encrypted data so that users don’t have to decrypt it before it leaves the information domain and enters the cloud.

 It’s like protecting the President when he goes into a public space. But this time, instead of guarding a person, it guards information. Just like the White House security has full access to the President so it can shield him from any attack, and watches his every step outside the White House, fully homomorphic encryption protects sensitive data even when it runs on cloud technologies.

With this technology, even the most sensitive government, business and personal data can’t be endangered by malware. You can use the data in its encrypted state and protect it all throughout the process. In this way, HE can transform cybersecurity and cloud computing technologies to allow more secure and safe access to the most sensitive information.


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