How is SaaS changing the landscape of online business by entrepreneurs?

28/09/2021 20mins
Prasobh V Nair


Nowadays, the business landscape is highly fast paced and very volatile in nature. The marketing technology has been undergoing drastic changes ever since the beginning of the 90s. According to the data obtained by Northeastern University, most of the internet traffic comes through smartphones.

Nowadays, it is far easier to remain in line with the constantly evolving technology as it was ever before. The main credit for this goes to SaaS, because of which small to medium enterprises are finding it extremely easy to keep up with these changing trends. This is because they get a number of tools made available to them with great ease.

These facilities include email marketing, organizing customer relationships along with prospects, lead scoring, social media marketing, traditional marketing, and e-commerce shopping carts. These are in fact, just a few of the many things that these companies get due to SaaS.

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Quite importantly, SaaS allows young and small companies to manage their data effectively. On top of that, this software as a solution may also allow large enterprises to manage their data in an equally efficient manner. Moreover, companies may also make use of SaaS in order to tailor their services and products based on the preferences of the customers. This will increase their sales and overall brand loyalty.

SaaS refers to the way in which business applications are delivered through the internet, as a service. It is quite easy to access SaaS, and there is no need for complex software. All that an individual needs to do is to go online, enter the application, and make use of the software. That is how simple things have become.

Without a doubt, SaaS could be the biggest movement that may have happened in the online business sector recently. Companies including intercom, Infusionsoft, and ToutApp are quickly growing and changing the entrepreneurship landscape. For this, a great deal of credit goes to the innovative and beneficial aspects in the back end.

There is a range of different benefits that SaaS provides. These include the following:

Greater Ease of Use

Without a doubt, one of the biggest reasons why businesses make use of SaaS is because they offer extremely streamlined and easy to use software services. On the other hand, traditional on-premise software can often be very difficult to handle and can also be very time-consuming.


At the same time, SaaS also happens to be highly accessible in nature. This is because it can be accessed remotely and all that a company needs is an active internet connection. On the other hand, traditional software happens to exist on the location which is often painstakingly difficult in case a remote connection has to be established.


In case a traditional software ends up crashing, it may take hours and hours for a company to get the servers back up. However, with Saas, such problems really do not exist. This is because SaaS vendors tend to run checks on a daily basis and fix the issues almost regularly. In comparison, the traditional software may result in costs that may go up to thousands of dollars for maintenance.


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