How ML and AI has revamped mobile app development

28/09/2021 20mins
Anish Prakash


More than ever businesses today are challenged with a tighter competition in the market and consumers that want more and expect more.

That said, many organizations are taking advantage of the popularity and the impact of mobile applications in delivering services relevant to their niche. Moreover, many are already using mobile applications to gain an advantage against their competitors.

With the boom in AI and machine learning technologies, the developments of mobile applications have become far reaching. Although AI has drawn flak from a few groups, AI along with ML has undoubtedly transformed mobile applications into gold mines and has radically contributed to the evolution of the mobile applications today.

So, exactly how has AI and ML helped revamp and ultimately transform the development of modern mobile applications?

ML and AI Has Significantly Influenced the Consumer’s Purchasing Decision

AI has essentially made smartphones more powerful. Through AI-integrated applications, we can now use our smartphone to forecast the weather. AI filters has also helped in creating fun, animated photos, is used in face detection, add filters and locate facial features among others.

ML is also used in examining real estates, allowing virtual tour, and gives customers the opportunity to scrutinize products conveniently via augmented reality which help them decide whether or not they will purchase or use a certain product or service.

Enhanced Security and Faster Authentication Processes

Security has recently become one of the hottest topics in technology. With the integration of AI in mobile applications, facial features and fingerprint sensors have amped up security and authentication processes. AI and ML are also used in the automation of product labelling, commercial intelligence, enhanced logistics, and portfolio management. Overall, both technologies has made authentication processes more efficient and provide robust security to the mobile apps.

Predict Consumer Preferences and Purchasing Patterns

Machine learning has helped marketers gain a better understanding with regards to consumers buying behavior and preferences. Mobile applications utilize AI to predict purchasing patterns and gather important consumer data that influences their buying behavior such as their age, location, gender, and search requests as well as how frequent they use a certain system or application.

Optimized Search Results

AI and ML has helped optimize search results providing smart and quick answers to user queries. Mobile app with the help of ML allows for clearer and more relevant search results. As such customers feel more connected to the product and drives their interest to the application.

Personalization is King

Through the mobile app, ML has become useful in identifying users and determining their specific needs allowing businesses to find the right approach to meet the customers’ needs and demands to deliver better customer experiences.

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Final Words

There is no denying that both Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have empowered mobile application developments. ML and AI has paved the way for the development of mobile applications that are extremely useful, advanced, efficient, quick, and effective.

If you are thinking of developing your next mobile application, it is always a good idea to employ AI and ML technologies to deliver enhanced performance and stand out from your competitors.


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