How mobile apps can help you reach more customers

28/09/2021 20mins
Ramesh Ch


Technology is encroaching into all aspects of our life at a lightening fast speed, more with the coming of 4G speed network connectivity and increasing number of smartphone users. Researches conducted indicate that Indian smartphone user base is growing at a 26% CAGR, the maximum of it being propelled by users under the age of 25 years. In the context of US, mobile applications might be at the maturing stage of their life cycle. But in India, the scenario is different, people/citizens are only getting comfortable with it and is becoming a popular medium for business and several events, campaigns, etc.

Recently in India, everyday we see a new idea being initiated and promoted easily via an exclusive Mobile App. On a personal note, being a Keralite, I was glad to learn from the news today that The 56th edition of the State School Arts Festival has embraced technology like never before and is set to develop an exclusive mobile application ‘Sammohanam’ to better manage and broadcast the Festival. Besides including all information related to the events, fees,etc., the app will be the first to provide authoritative results of various events and also host a live streaming of all the events at the venues. Wow ! so exciting. No more will there be a situation that you miss any performance of your dear one at the expense of your solo performance or one-place-at-a-time constraint.

From MNCs to MSMEs to Event Management Agencies to now Educational Institutions is reaping the best out of Mobile Applications in organising, conducting and managing business/activities. Every market you target now is a digital world with Plastic Cards and PayTM accounts over Pocket Cash. Also more than your business card, prospective customers now google for your website and your mobile app. I am sure none of you reading this need any statistics to nod yes to the statement that ‘indeed, Mobile apps is increasing in popularity’, because if you just pause and look around, every person around you – your friends, neighbours, grandparents, parents, teachers, gym trainers, etc., is at that very moment checking in / checking out of a mobile app. Mobile Application has definitely crossed all hurdles and limits and is now a ‘Business Growth Catalyst’ than just a ‘Brand Carrier’.

Mobile Apps help you reach more Customers & create more Loyal ones

  • Share Icon: Your customers might miss your Billboard Advertisement, your Television endorsements and even the positive comments about your product/service shared to them by their close ones. But without fail your customers will definitely check your business link shared to them from another smart customer via your mobile app. The ‘SHARE’ icon in the mobile app is the best way to reach more customers and close as many leads into successful sales. This icon is a must in your business app and is sure to enhance the – traffic to your site, installs of your app and moreover your conversion rates and sales.
  • Referral Earning Scheme: The marketing activities undertaken differs from business-to-business. Thus, if you’re planning to develop an e-commerce app or an app to sell products or services relating to beauty, health, etc., an option like Refer-and-Earn is sure to increase your brand awareness and even get more customers. Over the ages we have seen sales promotion trends evolve from giving samples to free demo to the present trend of offering earning opportunities with a simple referring via smartphones. No other medium works best than a mobile app to effectively incorporate and execute this scheme. So, if you intend to attract new customers and create loyal customers for your brand – a loyalty / referral earning option is the real booster to be included in your business app.
  • Directive Content & Informative real time updates: an exclusive mobile app for your business can save you from scenarios where overloaded content take your prospects away from your core business. The advantage of website and mobile app is that it allows customers to filter and read content of product/service/offers they require and ignore other general and random contents. Also by developing your own business app, you can easily update your customers with valid and accurate informations related to your business activities, expansions, new launches, etc., and even clarify negative news and comments posted by media about your business or in general about the industry you operate in.
  • Push Notifications: is the star of a mobile app. All your offers and discounts including spot offers, seasonal offers, end of season offers, etc., can effectively be communicated to your customers. Also various analytical tools enable you to track the response of customers to such offers and even track the new customers who have checked out the offers and purchased for discounts. It is quite human to share great offer deals (especially women) and avail the discounts shared. So Push Notification feature in the mobile app will definitely contribute to growth of your customer base.
  • Easy, Convenient & Cashless Shopping Experience: carrying cash is no more a trend. “PayTM hai na” is the trend. Nobody carry cash now and if you do not change your business mode accordingly, you’re definitely not working in favour of your business. Credit/Debit Card, Net banking and Smartphone are the important things in one’s life now and if you’re trying to grow your business side lining the essentials of this digital era, your definite to incur losses, face increased customer dissatisfaction and deal with tons of negative WOM.
  • Instant Clarifications via Chat: chat is another important feature that makes mobile app the best medium to promote your brand. Your website might be mobile friendly, but cannot perform as the best brand ambassador for you like a mobile app – an app on your customer’s smartphone screen act like a constant reminder of your brand. The chat enhances your business value by enabling customers to easily chat with your rep incase of any issues and it give you an opportunity to clarify without delay all the queries of your customers and provide them the best experience all the time.
  • Accept & respond to Feedbacks, Suggestions & Complaints: timely treatment of customers feedbacks, complaints and suggestions is a must to create social brand ambassadors for your brand. Nothing works as good as customer testimonials and positive social comments in attracting more customers. No customer is superior to another when it comes to business, because every sale adds to your revenue and every sale missed increase your business expenditure. Thus, getting customers feedback on a regular basis after their every transaction is very important and more important is to analyse the rating and try to improve it the next time. Customers note all your changes and is ready to appreciate your efforts, so do not hesitate to make changes in-line with customer feedback and surprise your customers. Complaints and suggestions should be expected, especially since you’re doing business with humans and not robots. Not every person(s) have the same tastes and preferences, it differs. However, you should be quick to accept the complaint/suggestion and respond accordingly.




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