How Sharepoint can expand your business capabilities

28/09/2021 20mins
Phani Kumar S


Did you know that 80% of Fortune 500 companies rely on Sharepoint, and over 50,000 new small businesses sign up for it every month?  They are using Sharepoint for project management, collaboration and more. Here’s how Sharepoint can expand your business capabilities too!

Send Information Quickly

Use Sharepoint to send information to a group or even your entire company. It’s more efficient than emailing because employees can find all the important files and forms in one place.   

Share Documents During Meetings

With the rising popularity of telecommuting and remote teams, you need an efficient way to share documents during meetings for better communication and collaboration. With Sharepoint, it’s easy for everyone to send files and view them together, without having to disrupt the teleconference.

Manage Tasks

One way Sharepoint can expand your business capabilities is through improving project management. Put everyone’s tasks on Sharepoint, so everyone knows what they have to do and sees their progress. This makes it easier for managers to monitor deadlines and workload, and for team members to keep everyone else updated. Your entire workflow becomes more transparent, people are immediately accountable for their deliverables, you waste less time on status reports or meetings, and productivity improves across the board.

Get Employee Feedback

Sharepoint also has a great feature that allows employees to upvote on items to prioritize them. This can help managers quickly get feedback on ideas and policies, whether it’s “Which version of the ad do you like better?” or “Where would you like to hold our next company outing?”  Imagine how much time you’d save on long, useless meetings where you try to get people to agree. With Sharepoint, you get a consensus without leaving your table.

Create Actionable Business  Insights

Another way that Sharepoint can expand your business capabilities is through its centralized reporting. You can set up employee dashboards that show performance metrics, progress reports and other useful data. This is a simple but effective way of gathering business intelligence and improving your business at every level.

Set up a Knowledge Base

Sharepoint can hold thousands of files. Turn it into a library of information that can help employees. For example, you can add marketing information on customer personas so that everyone – marketing, sales, IT – are guided by the customer experience. You can put industry reports and statistics, customer testimonials and feedback, or assets like images or videos that can be used for digital marketing and sales.  

Collaborate Directly with People Outside the Organization

Sharepoint allows you to grant limited access to a folder to an external group, such as a client, freelancers, or marketing partners. It’s an easy and efficient way of communicating and collaborating with people or organizations.

To summarise, through these features Sharepoint can expand your business capabilities because it empowers your employees with more information, increases productivity and agility, enables collaboration among team members, and minimizes confusion or delay from miscommunication. It is a portal to a stronger, more efficient business operations and eventually stronger revenue.  


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