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How to Hire Web Developers in 2022


How to Hire Web Developers in 2022



Web development is a massive and global industry that is expected to boom even more in the future. A company may need to develop a website or web app. It may or may not have the web developers with the necessary skills.  Hiring a web developer(s) may be a tricky path. In this article, we give a systematic process of getting the right talent. 


Why Develop a Website or Web App?


A website represents a company. It is used to provide more information about the company and its offerings. Many websites are eCommerce sites i.e they sell a variety of products and services over the Internet. Web developers ensure visitors to the site are provided an optimum shopping experience and fully secure and safe transactions.


Web Apps usually provide value and meet the needs of customers. Skilled web developers make apps easy to use, load faster, be attractive in appearance, and perform better.


What are the 3 types of web developers?


There are 3 major types of web developers.


  • Front End Developers

These web developers code the visual interface of the site. They are responsible for creating or altering the design and layout of any particular website. Technologies used to include HTML, CSS, React.JS, and others. However, they don’t have the responsibility of making the website interactive or doing any kind of data processing.


  • Back End Developers

These web developers are responsible for database connectivity and program logic. Other things they do is improving site speed, integrate third-party services and others. Technologies used include Java, PHP, Python, and more. Databases used include MongoDB, SQLite, and more. Back-end specialists are responsible for making any website dynamic and interactive.


  • Full Stack Developers

These software specialists are capable of developing and have experience in developing both the front-end and back-end of websites.


Why should you hire a professional web developer?


  • Stand Apart by Being the First to Use State-of-the-art Technologies

The latest technology is likely to offer better performance and provide more user-friendly features. Thus, your website or web app will be preferred to your competitors. You will experience increased revenue and profits.


  • Customize as per Customer Requirements

Instead of developing a generic solution, design a solution that meets the specific and unique needs of the target customer audience. Thus, you provide better value to customers and make your product more attractive, and have greater potential to sell. Be different and better than the rest of the marketplace.


  • Be Faster in Developing and Releasing the Deliverable to the Market

Don’t waste time learning and mastering the requisite web development technologies. Instead, hire a professional who has the skills and experience in similar deliverables. Thus, you can focus on your core competencies and become better at what you do. An experienced professional will make fewer mistakes and execute the web project in less time. Time is critical for the project to be successful. Delays give an advantage to competitors. Remember an experienced web development specialist can craft a complex solution leveraging advanced technology at an affordable cost well within the stipulated deadline.


  • Leverage the built-in SEO algorithms

It is necessary that your website rank high in search engine results. Only then it will be noticed by customers and not get lost among many other websites. A competent web developer will skillfully integrate the necessary SEO algorithms into your website. Search Engine Optimisation plays an important role in the success of any modern-day enterprise.


  • Obtain Quality and Quick Maintenance and Support

Even after the website is developed you need a competent web specialist to resolve issues such as site speed, help in minimizing downtime, protection from cyber threats, and the like. Hence customers will get a pleasant user experience without interruptions. This will definitely result in repeat visits and more business for your company.


  • Save Time and Money

If you hire freelancers or outsourcing firms in inexpensive locations such as India, you get quality work at a low price. Plus, these entities do the job quicker than if you were to do it on your own. Another saving is real estate purchase/rental expenses. You don’t have to purchase the necessary software and hardware as the freelancer or outsourcing firm will have them already in place.


  • Obtain Scalability

As per your changing requirements, you can hire more or fewer people. Thus, you pay for only the resources and time you use.


How to Hire Quality Web Developers


  • Create a Detailed and Vetted Job Description


This step is important irrespective of whether you hire freelancers from job portals or contact outsourcing firms for a dedicated team. Brainstorm with all stakeholders of the web project and jot down the details of the desired candidate. This could include a list of required skills, certifications, educational qualifications, hourly rates or compensation you are ready to pay, whether the job is onsite or virtual, and others. This way you will not get many applications from candidates who don’t fit. You are likely to get suitable candidates who think they fit the profile.


  • Meticulously Screen the Resumes


Carefully go through each resume. Ask for client references and speak to them regarding the reliability and quality of the web developer. Go through each candidate’s online social profiles and online professional profiles.


  • Evaluate the Soft Skills of the Web Developer


Is he/she approachable and helpful? Unless team members are ready to co-operate and help each other, the success of the project is adversely affected. Another important factor is proactiveness. Does the developer give feedback, suggest enhancements and share opinions? Is the person able to work independently as well as collaborate in a team? Can he/she understand your needs and can you understand his/her response? Can the person take up leadership roles or resolve conflicts? Is he/she self-motivated and able to motivate others?


  • Evaluate the Technical Skills


Technical skills are also referred to as hard skills.  Note that not just the Project Manager but other members of the web development project such as designers, other web developers, quality analysts, and business analysts should be present in the technical interview. The more the number of people in the technical interview, the higher the chances of selecting the right candidate.


  • Evaluate whether a Bright Candidate can be Trained in the Necessary Skills


You may encounter candidates who don’t fully meet the technical criteria. Discuss with other team members if he/she is self-motivated, adaptable and a quick learners. Then he/she can fill the role after a short and intensive training.


  • Be Cautious of Freelancers


Some freelancers may come at a low price. For your safety, have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) in place before hiring them. Thus, they will be required to deliver at the stipulated time and not leak sensitive business information.


  • Established Outsourcing Providers are Less Risky


This is because they are qualified and experienced in their job. They also have access to a large talent pool in case you need a number of web developers or web developers skilled in very new or very rare technology.


  • Evaluate Creativity and Innovation


A good web developer will come up with multiple ways to solve your needs. Have a short paid technical test designed by your technical team to evaluate the competence of the candidate. Since the test is short and paid it will be an incentive to candidates who value their time and market value.


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