IoT trends to look forward to

28/09/2021 20mins
Shaibana S


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system where computing devices connect over a network through which data transfers happen without human intervention. Ever since its inception, IoT has been creating waves and has invaded all spheres and walks of life.

Let’s take a look at some major IoT trends to look forward to:

Big data convergence

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IoT has not only changed the way we do business, but it has also played a crucial role in the analysis and prediction of trends. However, to bring out its complete potential, it needs to be on a platform that supports large amounts of data. This opens up the need for massive storage, which again poses a growing concern in the immediate future. And, with newly connected devices eventually collecting more data, the convergence between IoT and big data is the need of the future.

Though analytical requirements and storage can be controlled by the cloud, it has some in capabilities in managing big data. This further emphasizes the need for IoT to start working on their big data convergence from now on.

Data processing with edge computing


Securing devices connected to the IoT is not that easy. This is simply because the security between the software applications linked to the devices and network connection needs to be incorporated.

While one advantage of IoT is that it is more cost-effective when it comes to the faster processing of big data, edge computing plays a better role here since it performs better than the cloud when it comes to latency periods. Regardless, the data will be processed on the cloud.

IoT in the healthcare Industry

With the wide-spread use of wearable devices in healthcare, the industry is steadily moving toward the use of the cloud to track and monitor health status. Medical devices will rely more on the cloud for storing images as well. This will be beneficial, cost-effective and more in vogue.

Smart Cities

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Smart cities of the future will invest in technologies and tools that will enable data exchange or access, or even a combination of the two, between public or private organizations and the people. The capabilities of IoT and IoT devices will greatly drive these developments.

Once they’re in place, we’ll see an all new level of responsive cities with lesser traffic congestion and more safety. City officials can collect data from traffic cameras, mobile phones and other road sensors to help monitor traffic. Drivers can be alerted of accidents and be directed to less congested routes.

Predictive Maintenance

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Maintaining predictive failures is one of the most popular IoT trends that can be applied to the industrial sector. This can avoid major disasters through the timely intimation of defects in the plants through sensors. Appliance failures, electrical issues or leaks in the system can be detected and rectified in time.

This can also be applied for domestic purposes, making your home smarter. Your home will notify you about system failures even if you’re not around, and you can get them rectified.

This can also be applied to other proactive self-monitoring applications like self-driving cars.

Unified Framework

Most of the industries that embrace IoT lack a unified framework. Blockchain can help in the adoption of a centralized framework to help create a secure IoT framework. This helps in the management of data-intensive processes.

Energy and Resource Management

IoT can be easily integrated into systems to enhance resource management that enables better consumption of energy. The sensors can be fit into the devices to monitor usage and notifications can be enabled through these devices when the consumption exceeds normal usage. This will make energy consumption more manageable.

Voice Control to manage IoT Ecosystems

Security will be a major concern with the growing number of IoT devices. Confusions will arise with cyber security plans failing to keep up to expectations. There will be an evolution of IoT ecosystems that will be dependent on mobile systems. Government regulations will come in place to keep threats at bay, with directives to safeguard common interests.


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