Mobile app development predictions for 2019

28/09/2021 20mins
Prasobh V Nair


In the last quarter of the previous year, there are statistics that show that the Play Store and the App Store has over 2 millions apps that are available for consumers. This shows that technology is advancing very fast. As a result, many businesses and individuals can create plenty of opportunities when it comes to the app store industry.

In the year 2019, many people will expect more groundbreaking changes that were not implemented in previous years. Here are some of them:

The Rise of Well being and Health Applications

People are more concerned with their health and their bodies more than ever. This is why there’s a rise of applications that describe healthy lifestyles that are applicable both at the workplace and at home. A lot of applications are expected to improve their content in terms of nutrition, mental well being, physical health, and a lot more. There is even artificial intelligence that can serve as a partner for people who want to have a guide for living a healthy life. There are smartwatches nowadays that can serve as alarms when accidents happen.

Social Media Platforms

There are apps for social media that increased its users from thousands to millions in just a few months. A lot of users appreciate a lot of video and photo sharing applications such as SnapChat, Facebook, Instagram, and a lot more. There are also tighter controls which are getting implemented to prevent bullying in Facebook and prevent Twitter from spreading false information.

Online Streaming Platforms

Whether it is for your favorite movies or games, there are a lot of streaming sites that are gaining popularity today. You can watch your favorite games being streamed live at Twitch. You can even purchase a subscription from Netflix and be up-to-date with the latest episodes of The Walking Dead. There are going to be a rise in streaming applications in the year 2019 because a lot of people want to get the most current information available.

Real Estate technology

A lot of brokers and real estate developers can benefit from apps that have virtual reality as one of their features. This is a very convenient route for many consumers since they do not have to be physically present during home viewing. They can view the home that they want while they are working or while they are sipping tea in the comforts of their homes. Through the simple route of accessing an application, many property managers and brokers will be able to sell a house without too much hassle.

Aside from those above, there are a lot of developments that are expected in 2019. In order to compete in a fast-changing market, the apps should continuously improve and meet the ever-growing demands of many consumers. More and more people are now discovering the convenience of online banking and shopping online. The functionality, friendly-user interfaces, and the conveniences that these apps will bring to their consumers will be the factors that can propel them to success.


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