Modern designs of user interfaces in 2019

28/09/2021 20mins
Anish Prakash


A lot of people might get annoyed whenever they receive updates from Facebook, Instagram, and Google that change the way some of the buttons are arranged. Some of the apps even update in very short spans of time and it seems like there are new versions being launched every other day.

This might be because users tend to get bored in today’s fast-changing world and they might want to see something better. They want things to get easier which contribute to the exceptional feeling that they experience when their needs are met.

If you are tired of the average-looking UI on your smartphones or computer screen, then here are some of the designs that you should watch out for.

1. Background Image in Full Screens

This is a trend that appeals to most subscribers of social media nowadays. A full-screen background usually encourages readers to explore more parts of the website. A full-screen background promotes a sense of reality to most users and as a result, they tend to spend a lot of their time exploring a particular website. Even on smartphones, it is very important to incorporate a UI design with a full-screen background to heighten user experience.

2. Seamless and Smooth Designs

A great experience for most users is that they will be able to find all the buttons that they need on the app’s home page. This is the ultimate user engagement where many people can view everything on the app within a click away. The smooth transition and the accessibility of the content plays a major role when so many apps go to the top charts every month.

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3. Buttonless User Interface

This can be a new world for other business owners and some might question if a buttonless UI is even possible. The answer is: Yes! It is very much possible. There are social applications like Instagram that will let you tap on the pictures to bring it backward and forward. You can even drag some of the applications on most of the e-commerce apps available today and bring the items directly to your cart. This can be a very appealing feature on your app and make sure that you add it.

4. Custom Illustrations

There are some apps that accelerate its rankings because of its storytelling quality and custom illustrations. These little things are the ones that most users enjoy. Some people look for characters that they can relate to in their lives. These designs where virtual characters are incorporated into real-life situations and people is what your clients are looking for. A picture can paint a thousand words and this saying also applies to your app. Don’t be afraid to explore new photos and abstracts. Be creative in your approach and keep them in a logical flow.

5. Effects that are Overlapping

Some of the app designers use overlapping effects like graphs, images, texts, graphics, and animation in a screen where there’s limited space. They use shadow effects in order to entice users to visit their sites. They make it simple but contemporary. Overlapping apps can create a 2D effect which users normally enjoy.


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