Optimizing your website for Google Discover

28/09/2021 20mins
Prasobh V Nair


As the competition in the market continues to surge, brands need to find ways to gain their competitive edge, else they get lost in the crowd.

As part of Google’s efforts to make Search as seamless as possible for its users, Google has launched a major update starting with its Google Feed. The iconic Google Feed will now be called Discover. Along with the new name, Google has also introduced a fresh look and new features to make users’ search for the contents that interest them easier than ever. Things you can expect with the revamped feed include:

  • New Design

Discover will have a revamped look with an improved visual appeal. As you scroll through, you can see topic headers with the Discover icon next to them. You can simply tap on the icon and it will display related contents. Plus, you can tap “Follow” to the content that interests you and they’ll be added to your feed.

  • Evergreen Content

Discover helps its user uncover fresh and relevant contents that are not only timely but are also aligned with their interests. For instance, based on your search history, you’ve searched for vacation spots in Europe. Discover will also show you contents about the best restaurants near the area you have searched for.

  • Enhanced Customization with More User Control

Customization is more alive and well with the new Google Discover. Discover offers more ways users can customize what they see in the Search feeds. You can now tap on the control icon to indicate if you’d like more or less content on a certain topic.

  • Multiple Languages Support

With the latest update, Discover will be available to cater to users who speak multiple languages. Users will see contents in their preferred language for each interest.

Optimizing your Website for Discover

Discover introduces a major change for users to easily find relevant topics for their search queries. For brands, it also means they need to make important tweaks in their SEO campaigns. Apparently, brands can no longer rely on keyword optimization for their contents to rank. Fortunately, some SEO strategies could still be applied. Below are some tips to optimize your website for Discover:

  1. Focus on delivering high quality and engaging content. In addition, you should also invest in building not only newsworthy but trustworthy contents as well.

  2. Include quality images and video to improve your rank in Discover.

  3. Focus on creating a mix of new and evergreen contents.

  4. Make sure your website is optimized to support multiple languages as Google Discover is rallying to give emphasis on delivering contents that cater to users across multiple languages.

With the new features in Google Discover, brands will have a new approach for ranking and optimizing their contents for the Search Engine Result Pages.

With that in mind, they will need to emphasize more in providing their users with high-quality and engaging contents. Lastly, they should not forget to promote. Running promoted content ads or sending out hot content in email newsletters are one of the promotional strategies they can try to gain audience engagement.


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