Progressive Web Apps: The future is here

28/09/2021 20mins
Phani Kumar S


"If you're building a web app today, it should be a PWA," said Michael Facemire, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research in Cambridge, Mass. "There's really no reason not to."

With performance and user experience becoming essential for the success of any enterprise mobile app, progressive web apps are gaining traction and may eventually become the future face of mobile development.

What is Progressive Web App?

A Progressive Web App offers best of both the worlds-a modern browser and a mobile app.  PWAs are essentially web pages or websites that make use of new-age capabilities to offer an  app-like experience to the users. They work on any browser and do not require the users to download from the app store, all they need to do is just tap on the link and PWA  is installed in their phone.

Why go PWA ?

Recent studies predict that Google Progressive Web Apps is all set to impact mobile app strategies of numerous  businesses in the present year. Is your business one of them ? If you are still not sure about adopting PWA, read on.


Irrespective of the size and type of the device, Progressive Web Apps auto adjust the layout as they are are highly responsive.

Connectivity Independent

You can completely rely on Progressive Web Apps as they can work even when the device is offline or in a low connectivity zone.


Users will hardly notice any difference in PWAs and native app. Not only does it look and feel like a native app but also provides similar features like display icon on the home screen, push notifications, easy integration with system, etc.

Easy installation

Unlike regular apps, users do not need to install PWA from the app store. It is just a tap away and this hassle-free installation encourages users to enjoy services offered by businesses.

Amazing customer engagement

With features like push notification, PWAs offer superior customer engagement as it  prompts the user to allow sending notifications by simply tapping on ‘allow’ and Chrome also offers  ‘Add to home screen’ function.

Easy Updates

Considered as one of the most amazing features of PWA is easy update. As there are no app stores, users can enjoy the new update as soon as it has been updated from the developer's side.


Despite being feature-rich, PWAs  are extremely lightweight. If we compare Pinterest’s PWA is just 150KB  whereas its Android and iOS versions are 9.6MB and 56MB respectively.

Highly Secure

When compared to conventional web apps, PWAs are more secure as they are always served via HTTPS, which ensure that the app is tamper proof.

Better performance

All thanks to the powerful caching system, PWAs load in a jiffy. Pages views are bound to go up with lightning-fast, user-friendly and easily accessible PWA.

Increased Conversion

Better speed not only results in improved performance but also high conversion rates.In addition, search engines reward PWAs that do well in terms of speed and this also results in better discoverability.

There is  no doubt that Progressive Web Apps are evolving the mobile web era with its immense potential. It has  definitely created its own space in the digital world.


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