Redefining customer support with AI and AR

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Phani Kumar S VP, Digital Marketing
visual tech assistant

Bye-bye long queues to get tech support.

Unboxing and installing a tech device can be a complicated process for end-users, especially for those who aren't technically proficient. Eve, a futuristic mobile app, is about to change that. Eve is the world's first visual tech assistant that applies computer vision technology to provide the ultimate level of tech support through augmented reality. 

Apart from helping with unboxing and installing, Eve can also help customers troubleshoot their electronic devices, relieving them from the agony of having to stay on hold until they get connected to a tech support executive. The creator of Eve,, claims that Eve can single-handedly change the world of customer support.


Published: Jul 15,2019 10:16:29 AM IST, Updated: Jul 29,2019 05:33:20 PM IST