Robotics for Enterprise infrastructure

28/09/2021 20mins
Shaibana S


Robotics have usually been associated with the execution of complex tasks in the manufacturing or construction industry. This being one of the reasons why a majority of the enterprises have been refraining from using robotics or RPA (Robotic Process Automation) for customer related and other interactive services.

The advancements in programming methods have seen small and medium-sized companies integrating robots into service related areas and handling of crucial data. This has enabled process efficiencies and a simultaneous enhancement in revenues. These robots or robotic processes are capable of handling simple, everyday mundane tasks related to customer service, cybersecurity, complaint handling, service requests, and maintenance.

These robots can be used for executing multiple tasks at a time and will be seen working in lieu with humans augmenting each other to enhance productivity. Following are some forms in which robotics will invade enterprise infrastructure.

Robotic team members: The AI-powered robots would seamlessly integrate into the enterprise operations making it less complex and flexible.

Robotic Arms: Robotic arms are made with the concept of human-robotic collaboration. They can work hand in hand with humans. These are used in production lines where a slight error can lead to defects or even malfunctionings. They have been designed for tasks that are risky or dangerous especially on the industrial front.

Chatbots: Chatbots are used for engaging customers and providing better services. Chatbots are the best tools to employ for a 24/7 customer service. They can also be used to answer customer queries, troubleshooting, and tracking status.

Chatbots can effectively engage customers and based on their requirements recommend the right type of service better than an executive. This can reduce a lot of hardships for the customer while saving his valuable time and enabling him to choose the service that best suits his requirements.

Drones: Drones are popular surveillance methodologies. There are remote-controlled, semi-autonomous or fully autonomous drones used for capturing images or information. But several e-commerce giants have begun considering them for package delivery and related activities.

Social Robots: Social robots as the name suggests are meant to interact and communicate with people or other machines through a set of social patterns and rules. They can be used to assist front desk executives, aid in serving at restaurants, room services etc..They have been specially designed for social interaction.

Humanoids: They are the ultimate form of robotics, though they are yet to become popular due to the high cost involved in deploying them. We have Sofia and a few others to name. The latest sensation being the AI-powered Chinese news readers who can deliver news 24/7. While the current robots may have a near-human form without any expressions, future robots will have an expressive face, vision and responsive limbs to provide a more realistic experience.

With robotics applications become increasingly sophisticated, more and more enterprises are embracing them to integrate with their applications and work processes. In future systems will be driven by them to better efficiencies and productivity.

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