Smart tips for choosing a good domain name

28/09/2021 20mins
Ramesh Ch


Google It! You heard me right. “Google it” is the standard reply you get to any doubt or queries you ask. From current news to holiday destination options to gathering information on topics/companies/personalities, etc., these days is asked to Google and not any known individual. Google definitely is the king of all search engines and provide vast and valuable search results to all your search queries. This is great but when it comes to your business and your company domain name , the traffic depends on your domain name and how easy it is to remember and re-type into Google search. Now a days if you change one letter you might be taken to a different company site. That tight is the online competition and every company, with or without a high design air conditioned office, inevitably has a domain name and a well designed, user-friendly website. Thus, make sure you choose an unique domain name for your business. 6 SMART TIPS FOR CHOOSING A GOOD DOMAIN NAME

  • Make it Keyword Specific : Keywords play a very key role in the online success of your business. So it is important that when you start to seek a domain name you create a list of words that best describe your business and the domain you’re seeking. For instance, if you’re running a tourist agency, then a common search query leading to your business site would be ‘Best Tour Packages’ or ‘Best Tour Agents’. If so names like would make a great domain name.
  • Make it Short, Simple & Singular : Your domain should be short,simple & singular which means it should be easy to type, easy to remember and easy to search respectively. Short and Simple domain names also allow you to add more characters in your URL in the SERPs and elegantly fit in all social media displays and other offline marketing mediums like magazines, newspapers, etc. Singular domain name like is considered more better than, mainly because people tend to search in singular terms and also if there is a firm already existing in name Fresh Juice, then chances are high that traffic to your domain name would be going to
  • Select Dot-Com Available Domains : The .Com is the most accepted and widely used extension for a top-level domain (TLD) name. Moreover it is the easiest extension to remember and re-type. Choosing .Com domains will enable you to rightly capture all your targeted audience.
  • Make it Predictable : Your domain name should positively represent your business and the content you deal with. For instance domain name like is a better one over, because when anyone here they know what kind of service and content you will serve them with and so your business will get more genuine clicks than random ones.
  • Avoid Hyphens and Numbers : Hyphens and Numbers make your domain name tough and recollecting it becomes difficult and close to impossible.Adding numbers to your domain name complicates the whole thing. For instance, suffixing your company name with the year of its establishment might enable you to remember it but not the mass crowd you tend to attract and make sales with.
  • Avoid Copyright Infringement : This is legal and is a mistake very rarely committed but if committed can cost the life of your business. So make sure you choose an unique domain name and do not infringe on anyone’s copyright.


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