The Dark Web mystery box is making a lot of online buzzes lately

28/09/2021 20mins
Ajish Prakash


The dark web is a field of everything that is hidden from the surface web. You might expect violence,, fake passports, watching people getting murdered live when you are surfing on it and many more.

About a decade ago, a lot of Youtube videos popularized the unboxing process. It was a very simple process. Streamers simply film themselves unboxing the latest iPhone model, the latest bags from Gucci and like magic, they are getting a million views without too much effort.

However, viewers are looking for more excitement and they want to unbox other things that are uncommon. They started to push the boundaries and this resulted in the “unboxing of the mystery box”. The mystery boxes are considered dangerous, a waste of time and money, and just plain.

But it is not as simple when the mystery box comes from the dark web. Some users have unboxed screwdrivers, drugs, tapes, and tattered backpacks of children that cost them thousands of dollars.

You can only buy these dark web mystery boxes through cryptocurrency because the payment is untraceable. The sellers may allow for reviews but they remain entirely anonymous. Some boxes range from a couple hundred dollars up to more than a thousand dollars.

Other Youtubers request that the boxes should be delivered into a Post Box for safety reasons. The film mostly is about going into the motions of opening an unknown box.

There are times when the sellers just sent an empty box and most Youtubers are just plain disappointed. However, the mystery and the inability of the streamer to trace the box add to the mystery and thrill that audiences can feel whenever they watch an unboxing video.

There are some that have creepy contents and most Youtubers film themselves receiving one or two boxes in a span of 7 days. They said that the second purchase is connected to the very first one and weird things are starting to happen. Whether these videos are staged or not, only the streamers can tell. However, the contents of the video can genuinely creep out someone.

One of the videos shows a Youtuber whose channel is called Mind Seed TV, pulled a tattered backpack of a girl. It was dirty and plenty of stuff and stains are found on the bottom part. Later on, he pulls out a book that is full of graffiti to make the children in the books look like someone was possessing them.

Another guy called Aaron opens a box that says he should not just accept gifts from anyone. The box contains a bunch of eerie items. Another Youtuber called Alex received a mystery box with a handwritten note that states that he never knows what he is touching or leaving behind. Inside the box, Alex found white powder and a CD with an audio file in it.

There are a lot of videos online that shows the unboxing of these mystery boxes. You can watch some of them and judge for yourself if they are real or not.


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