The Internet of Things

28/09/2021 20mins
Ajish Prakash


Have you ever been out and wondered what was in your fridge at home or if you remembered to turn off the lights before you left? We can now look at our cell phones and know for sure if we need to pick up more milk on the way home or turn the lights on and off as we please. Wifi and 5g are getting all kinds of devices connected and sharing important data with consumers and business leaders alike. From the things traditionally connected to central networks like security systems and TVs that are getting a big upgrade by being connected to the internet to brand new devices with computer powered assistant, the Internet of Things is changing the way people do everything in their home. It’s possible to fill your house with smart appliances and control what is going on in your home even when you are not there.

Upgrades to Security

One of the best things the Internet of Things has given us is upgraded home security. What used to be a multi-thousand dollar job is now a do it yourself project. We can install a smart doorbell and some web cameras and suddenly we can check on our home or properties whenever we want, and get notifications when someone comes to the door or driveway.

Not Your Mom’s Old Fridge

Developers are trying to make smart refrigerators the new center of home technology. Leave notes to your family or roommates where you know they are bound to see them. No magnets or pens required. The high definition screen displaying everything from the weather to pictures in social media. You can even look at what's inside without opening the door. There are now cameras installed to the interiors of refrigerators. You can browse endlessly without running up the light bill or ruining the milk and now you can even make your shopping list while you are out because the cameras run live to your phone as well.

Smart Plugs

Don’t want to replace the antique lamp in your living room or give the kids a brand new smart TV just to save on energy? That’s ok. Smart plugs are like surge protectors that connect to your WiFi at home. It is easy to set these up. Once they are online just open the app on your phone and turn off the power to any outlet in the house to save energy or enforce bedtime.

A Future of Efficiency and Luxury

Now more than ever these devices can talk to each other. It is hard to overstate the importance of that idea. Our phones are going to tell our fridges we are at the store and then our fridge will tell us what we need to replace. The front door, the lights, the heater, and A.C. all working together orchestrated by artificial intelligence to serve our needs according to our meticulously registered tastes. Imagine living like someone in Downton Abbey but Siri is Mr. Carson. The objects around are becoming more interactive and by learning how to enlist them in our day to day we can save valuable time and resources.


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