The top technological trends that will bring radical changes in App development

28/09/2021 20mins
Prasobh V Nair


We live in a digital age, and our dependence on smartphones and computers to perform basic daily tasks is continually increasing. Apps have been built for nearly all imaginable activities. These tools have become so much a part of the average human life that mobile app development companies are regularly searching for cutting-edge solutions and emerging trends to satisfy the ever-increasing needs and demands of the teeming populace.

As the world evolves and new technological advances are made, there is the need for every stakeholder in the mobile app development industry to be on the lookout for trends that will improve their lot in the market place and give them an edge over the competition. The top technological trends that are predicted to bring the most profound changes in App development have been discussed here.

  • Advanced Search Feature

Most app users want greater control and having an in-app search feature has provided just that. This feature, which has already been adopted by YouTube and Spotify, enables app users to search the internet. Tech-savvy app users are thrilled by this trend and as it gains more traction, the user experience will become even more limitless

  • App Customization

It is no secret that the more individuals can personalize an app, the more attracted they will become and will likely spend most of their time on the app. This revolutionary technology will undoubtedly be a huge success for mobile apps. Presently, this trend is used mainly by ecommerce companies, but undoubtedly in the coming months, other companies will adopt this trend.

  • App Security

With the growing cases of cyber attacks and data theft around the world, security has become a crucial issue. Mobile app developers have sought for innovative means to protect app user’s personal information and private details. In this regard, the blockchain technology is the most promising. This technology has been adapted by a few banking and finance related apps and shows immense potentials of changing the financial industry.

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A flawless UI design creates the perfect user experience and apps that get this right are sure to dominate the market. Mobile app developers are not oblivious of this fact as we have witnessed the development of innumerable apps with intuitive designs and interactive interfaces. The user-focused form of app development will certainly become the norm in coming years.

  • Instant apps

There are no ‘ifs’ ‘ands’ or ‘buts’ about it; instant apps will unquestionably succeed in the future. Users aren’t required to download and install Instant Apps before they can be used and such apps rarely occupy much space.

  • Revolutionary Apps

Smartphones are usually fitted with various sensors, some of the most common ones being the accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer. Mobile developers have begun to integrate the features of these sensors into apps. And a new generation of apps that are motion-sensitive and location-driven have been birthed. Apps like Lyft and Uber are some of the apps built with these features.


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