Tips to make your mobile landing pages more engaging

28/09/2021 20mins
Ramesh Ch


What is a Landing page? Why a creative Landing page? …. All of you will be familiar with such questions and I am sure each one of us will have a very perfect sounding answer to these general questions. But, my question is : Why so many people are using smartphones? I personally have a smartphone and use all major applications to chat, shop, pay bills, book tickets and so on and what I feel is it is very ‘CONVENIENT’. A smartphone and a simple mobile solution help me profitably use my time and get things done the exact way I want it to be.

Well, the point is that more and more people are shifting to smartphones learning the convenience and effectiveness of the tool. The two biggest advantage of smartphones include : it can be used i) all the time and ii) everywhere (no boundaries – more now with availability of traveller chargers). So the users travel with it and while on the go itself use their time profitably. In such a situation, you need to keep in mind that only your competitors will have the patience to analyse each and every page of your site. Your prospective customers reaching out to you via their smartphone is not your competitor, rather is the opportunity you get to beat your competitor and so Landing Page matters a lot.

Only an engaging Landing page will keep the viewer active and transcend to him/her the desire to checkout your complete site and respond to your via the Call-to-action button. So primarily you have to be in your prospective customers shoes and create the mobile landing page with the sole purpose to effectively help mobile visitors achieve their goal and confirm on you within first two clicks.

5 Tips to most effective and engaging Mobile Landing Pages

  • Your USP First : your uniqueness is your only selling point. Visitors to your site only want to know what is Unique about you and the faster they find it, more better for you. If you hide your USP in the last page and make the visitor play treasure hunt, then your customer is definite to become customer of your competitor. Thus, make sure you clearly identify your Unique Selling Point (USP) and place it in clear, direct and simple terms on your site’s mobile as well as desktop landing page.
  • Explain benefits of your products/services : a site primarily is to share all details of your products / services. Infact, your company is only a registered name to promote and sell your products and services. There are a variety of ways and techniques that you can use to explain the key features and benefits of your products / services. Some of the popular presentation techniques include a small icon and short description, a video, testimonials, case studies, etc. It is always effective to use a combination of all these means because a testimonial will always enhance the short description and video presentation you upload to explain your products and services. A short description is however a must. Also important is to keep in mind that less is more and the maximum short you make the description, the better connection you create with mobile visitors right from the landing page.
    Also be sure to have updated and new testimonials in your mobile landing page and each testimonial you place on the landing page should speak of different features or characteristics of your product, service or company.
  • Have Creative and Responsive Designs : responsive page designing plays a very important role especially for a mobile screen. The images and icons used to present the content should also be relevant and ones related to your products or services. The colour and typography used for mobile landing page should be pleasant and eligible respectively, for visitors to easily read through in their comparatively small mobile screens. Also it is good not to crowd your mobile landing page with your offerings, portfolios and all. Instead, display your long and descriptive details, product portfolios, etc., as menu using hidden menus or hamburger icons on the landing page. Another important thing is to be sure to use minimal and relevant photographs only in the landing page.
  • Create a clear CTA : all the design and content will become useless if you do not place a proper, direct and clear Call-to-Action (CTA) button on the landing page. When mobile visitors come to your site it is very rare they will click through and view all your pages or even click pages to find your CTA – never they will do it. So always place direct CTAs like ‘Join us now’, ‘Start our free trial’, ‘Book our demo’, etc., and place it in a manner that it stands out and literally push the visitors to click it.
  • Include clickable contact number or e-mail : this will help mobile visitors to get first hand information regarding your business and offers and increases your chance of convincing and closing the sale. Incase, there is no clickable contact number or e-mail, visitors tend to go back and search in google, ask queries in quora and at last approach you. So make sure your accessible to the mobile visitor easily and just by a click.


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