Top 10 real-world IoT applications

28/09/2021 20mins
Ajish Prakash


Without a doubt, the Internet of Things has been quite hyped up over the last decade. It has, more or less, become a buzzword on the internet.

Literally every other day, a technology company announces plans of making use of the Internet of Things and to further explore this realm due to its countless beneficial applications.

Considering the amount of attention this new technology is gaining, the growth of the Internet of Things is going to take a big turn in the coming few years.

Even today, there is a wide range of applications of IoT. Indeed, it is gaining prominence in the technology sector and various other sectors pretty quick.

In this article, we aim to discuss the top 10 real-world applications of IoT. These include the following:


Nowadays, technology freaks love to collect wearables. It is one of the new trends that has hit tech junkies. Nowadays, the Internet of Things is being applied in a number of smart wearables such as those by Apple, Motorola, and Samsung. However, Apple is considered to be the pioneer of incorporating IoT in tech wearables.

Smart homes

You must have heard about smart homes already. This is because they are gaining popularity pretty quick. In the backend, however, all credit goes to the Internet of Things. The smart homes business has already crossed the $3 billion mark and is constantly increasing due to the immense conveniences that smart homes offer.

Smart cities

Smart cities include automated traffic management systems, automated waste management systems, and a lot more. This is something that would not be possible without the Internet of Things.

Smart Grids

Smart grids fall into the very same category as smart cities, as it aims to improve the quality of lives by saving power and increasing the cost-effectiveness of electricity.

Connected cars

Connected cars are the latest development that has been made possible by the Internet of Things. Most of the biggest names in the automotive industry have already started working on connected cars.

Industrial internet

IoT solutions are making a big impact on the Industrial Internet sector. However, this is an area that still needs greater impact as it is currently not being focused on as much as other areas.

Smart supply chain

Supply chains are also incorporating the latest technology that includes the Internet of Things, and the blockchain in order to improve the efficiency of the overall system. Internet of Things reduces the amount of manpower that is needed in this area while improving the management at the same time.

Smart retail

This is one of the latest segments where the Internet of Things is currently being applied. Current activities in this segment that use IoT include studies of the demand-supply cycles and proximity-based advertising.

Smart farming and agriculture

Smart farming and agriculture are one of the most underrated segments where IoT is being used. At the same time, this segment shows great potential as there are countless ways in which IoT can be used to replace orthodox methods and to enhance the overall profitability. However, most farmers do not easily let go of their medieval ways and traditional methods.

Connected health sector

The connected health is yet another promising application of the Internet of Things which prevents scams and improves the overall flow of services in this sector.


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