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Top AI apps revolutionizing business processes

28/09/2021 20mins
Shaibana S


AI stands out among the niche technologies of the era today with its objectives of research, reasoning, knowledge representation, planning, learning, natural language processing, realization, and ability to move and manipulate objects.

Though most of the AI applications find use in the mechanization of repetitive tasks, automation comes with a cost. Though AI applications are popular, buying AI machines may not be feasible all the time. Those who do not have access to AI machines can make use of AI apps to accomplish great tasks. These applications utilize AI algorithms which can map user behavior and recommend actions based on that.

With a steady rise in the adoption of AI technologies in almost all spheres of life, the following are some AI driven applications that can be considered for keying into devices

1. Databot 

This is compatible with both Android and iOS and is one of the most interesting virtual assistant applications used in Android that works on the basis of insights. This is a voice response application that responds through voice to the demands you key in.

This is a free app that acts as a digital assistant and can identify the key areas of your interest. It helps you create customized media presentations using content, voice, and pictures. You can see the assistant respond to queries using Google, Wikipedia, RSS, and online material. Similarly, you can create summarising pages with answers and related materials in the form of links, search services, etc. It can also effectively incorporate SMS, emails and other social media platforms. This can be navigated through any devices as it is cross-platform.

You can voice search this application and can also customize your assistant in accordance with your preferences of language and create a bot of your own to assist you.

2. Fyle

Fyle is compatible with iOS, it helps you manage your financial costs. Otherwise called intelligent cost marketing which comes with AI, it monitors investments and builds performance. This platform comes with an AI-powered engine for the automatic extraction of costs from Gmail and Outlook. They also provide for mileage tracking and receipt catch through the application.

It can efficiently handle complex endorsements and process work for brisk reimbursement, allowing for a paperless, powerful framework that even works in tandem with accounting software. Some of the attractive features include numerous one click cost reports, real-time compliance and policy check, charge card reconciliation and a lot more

Fyle extracts expense date, amount, merchant name and category so you don’t have to enter anything manually. Fyle also saves the email and receipt attachments so you don’t have to download and upload files.

3. Elsa

This app is aimed at people who are not so familiar with the English Language. ELSA is the acronym of English Language Speaking Assistant. Compatible with Android, this helps people whose native language is not English, helping them to improve their language through pronunciation helping you master the language. It also provides an unbiased report on the progress made by the user since starting to use the app. The user can master the skills within a month of use.

4. Edison Assistant

This app helps in organizing your schedules with ease. You receive notifications about status changes and ‘out of delivery’ updates. It can Identify emails where a response is required, create personalized alerts based on your own criteria, save upcoming plans to your calendar, and more.

Event alerts and notifications will be received in your feed with a clear distinction between personal and work commitments. With tapping on ‘More’ you can see the past activities or any upcoming events or appointments.

5. Jarvis

This AI product is from GS Tech. Some of the features it offers are hands-free mobile usage, voice recognition and hot word identification creating a vibrant experience while using it in the open air and while traveling.

There is an option to create your own customised personal assistant providing your preferences and choices. It can also be directed and updated through an online database that contains updated commands. The calls can be answered in a customised way. Some ready made features that come with this application includes making calls, setting up alerts and opening any applications, besides playing music, opening wi-fi, Bluetooth and some more basic functions like knowing the battery level etc.. It will also aid you in reading messages with quick alerts.

6. Socratic App

The Socratic app helps in figuring out the concepts you need to know while working on homework. Socratic’s AI reads questions from images, with machine learning classifiers to predict the concepts that can be used to solve the problem.

The app works to interpret the question and display the potential answer, it explains concepts, and offer supporting material. Socratic comes with a text box along with its camera where you can type the question and snap it.

The app can help you with any subject viz Biology, Algebra, History, or Chemistry.


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