Top aspects to consider while choosing a database for mobile app development

28/09/2021 20mins
Venkat Ramakrishnan


Since the 1960s databases have advanced greatly. First introduced in the 60s a database at that time would take up a lot of space and so need to be centralized to the data it was to store and manage. Today however a database can be accessible to any mobile phone or other hand held devices.

Access to a database is essential for any app and so an app developer must permit the app access to a database in order to function but there are several different databases which can be accessed and the developer must consider which one is the correct one for their particular app which they are developing. Examples of these different databases are Apple, Blackberry or Amazon and an app must be connectable to one particular one as it cannot be connected to more than one.

Several things a developer must therefore consider when deciding which database their app is to be compatible with are:

Structure of Data

Different databases store data in different ways and although all are effective they do all have their own advantages and disadvantages and among those differences may be the way in which the data is accessed which may affect the potential effectiveness of an app.


Although one database may be suitable for an app in its current form, does the database allow for updates or improvements which may be necessary at a later date.

Platform Support

Not all databases support all platforms and so the developer must ensure that any platforms their app connects to will be supported by their chosen database.

Amount of Data

Some databases may restrict the amount of data that an app uses and so the developer must ensure that the database they choose can and will accept all the potential data space the app may require.

Data Conflicts

Databases can share different data they acquire from different sources but one source may conflict with others causing problems in retrieving some data. The different databases approach resolving these conflicts in different ways and so the developer must ensure that any conflict will be resolved without adverse effects to their app.


Once an app uses a database sometimes control of the data flow can be controlled by that database rather than the app and so if that is unsuitable to a particular app, a different database should be found.


This is of course a major concern to most developers and users and so the security associated to a database must be critical in the decision the developer makes when choosing which database to use.

Although apps today are relatively easy to develop, their success or failure often depends on the database the developer chooses to use and associate their app with. In some instances the database may not be too important but in other instances it can be essential but until a technology allows the use of multiple databases, a developer will have to continue to make a decision regarding which to use.


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