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Top JavaScript Trends to Watch in 2022


Top JavaScript Trends to Watch in 2022


JavaScript has been around since 1995 and has evolved to become an indispensable tool for web and software development. It is the most popular development environment in the market today because it delivers all-around performance. Moreover, JavaScript is growing as a programming language even today. There are close to 300 JavaScript frameworks and many more are in the process of development.


While some of these essential JavaScript frameworks continue to remain highly sought-after by the developer community, many frameworks have also faded away due to their limited functionality and timely ecosystem upgrades. From supersets, libraries, development ecosystems, frameworks, and query languages, there are a plethora of JavaScript deployments that businesses and developers alike must keep a track of.


So, especially if you’re in the software development business and want to stay ahead of this market of immense competition, it is required that you stay updated on the top JavaScript trends of 2022. Here are a few notable JavaScript trends to watch out for this year and for the foreseeable future: 


ReactJS Continues to Dominate


React’s initial prototype was called FaxJS. It came into existence in 2011 to cater to Facebook’s need to maintain the dynamic and rapidly evolving traffic of its users. And, according to jQuery, React was the most popular JavaScript framework in 2021. Hence would not be wrong to predict that it will continue to dominate the field of software development in 2022 as well.


In today’s world, React is one of the most popular libraries for JavaScript developers. It is being used by the top corporations in the industry such as Netflix, Pinterest, Reddit, and WhatsApp. React has introduced several experimental components like zero bundle size server elements and the concurrent mode. Besides, React also has an evolving community of developers hence there is expansive support available online for filling all stop-gaps while programming. 


Evolution of Vue.js


Vue is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks which is used in customized software development similar to React. Therefore it can be very difficult for developers to choose between Vue and React when it comes to certain software development projects. Vue is known for its flexibility and modularity. It has a large community and great documentation practices which makes it evolutionary and progressive. 


Vue.js 3.0 which was launched in 2020 improved the overall performance of the framework adding features such smaller bundle sizes and improved support for Typescript. In 2021, Vue.js 3.2 was released which further improved the framework’s capacity for increased performance, a large-scale support system, Typescript compatibility with virtual DOM and Composition API, layered modules, and UI component libraries.


Micro Frontend


Micro frontend development is one of the top JavaScript trends in software development in 2022. Conceptually it is very similar to the predominant microservice architecture which is used to develop modular features in applications. Micro frontend dismantles the monolith of frontend into smaller and more manageable elements and is widely used with a wide range of JavaScript frameworks. 


Micro frontend development is based on the idea of isolating frontend components to create customizable programs that can be altered and used as per the needs of a business. And due to this new technique, micro frontends can be used, upgraded, and analyzed individually preventing redundancies and runtime errors during deployment. It helps us create a robust and resilient app architecture which does not incur down times due to errors in one particular JavaScript code block.


Micro frontends are completely independent of one another and support block isolation and data abstraction. It also supports frequent upgrades which has made the process of software development more streamlined and seamless for the developers. Besides, with the rise of microservice architectures and APIs that are being leveraged by businesses to integrate third-party features, micro frontend developments have helped reduce the time taken to develop software products since it ensures reusability of code blocks across applications throughout the process of development. 



Rise of Parallax Scrolling Websites


Parallax scrolling websites are one of the key emerging JavaScript trends because they allow developers to add dimensions to the website development processes and improve the overall user experience. The motion of background content is much slower than the movement of the main content on the foreground in parallax scrolling websites. The parallax websites are based on the concept of identifying positions of the main elements and further addition of appropriate classes that determine the speed of scrolling based on what’s detected and the needs of the business. 


JavaScript libraries like Animate on Scroll or AOS can be used to build such parallax scrolling websites. Moreover, there are no AOS dependencies which allow the websites to work seamlessly on different kinds of devices without having to redevelop the websites for every platform. This makes omnichannel programming easy, reliable and reduces the time taken to develop such websites or web applications. 


Rapid Growth of Typescript


Typescript is perhaps the most popular supersets of JavaScript and it’s one of the key JavaScript trends in software development that businesses and developers must look out for in 2022. It was released in 2012 by Microsoft so that JavaScript does not limit the types of objects and supports additional object types that JavaScript used to lack. Typescript retained the semantics and syntaxes of JavaScript and introduced several useful additional features. 


It helps developers maintain large and complex databases of code increasing their productivity and reducing the deadtimes incurred while rewriting a block of code. There are several advantages of Typescript such as optional static typing, large-scale solution support, early detection of bugs, wide adoption possibilities, and easy onboarding.


Perhaps this is why according to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey, Typescript is the third most preferred language when it comes to software development especially for larg-scale businesses that require large volumes of data management due to high traffic. However, there are certain disadvantages of Typescript as well. For example, you need to compile the Typescript code with JavaScript codes to execute them on a web browser. This can lead to substantial delays while working on smaller projects using Typescript.


Demand for Node.js


Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment which is greatly in demand by the global software development community for creating frontend and backend products. There was a steady rise in the number of downloads of Node.js in 2021. It is incredibly versatile and increases the speed of development and deployment of software products. It also improves the performance of such solutions with possibilities of fetching other frameworks and automating data collection and search query processes.


Node.js allows for the creation of flexible and lighter codes which also increases the scalability of the applications. It is used by streaming media like Netflix, message processing applications such Trello and LinkedIn, and financial services providers such as PayPal. Besides, Node.js can also be used by individual programmers to create bots that perform specific actions based on their needs. 


For instance, it can be used to create Twitter bots and Discord bots that update businesses about specific tweets and information shared. It is increasingly preferred by the industry leaders because of its open-source contributions and is one of the most dominant JavaScript technologies that continues to influence the domains of software development. Moreover, Node.js also has one of the largest online repositories and active communities which make it one of the best platforms to develop software architectures on. 


Popularity of Jamstack


Jamstack is a web development architecture that allows developers to develop fast websites with an added functionality of securing them. It is extremely popular in the software development community because it allows developers to build websites using multiple methods and code libraries. 


There are several advantages of developing on Jamstack. It only requires light-weight coding which makes customizations and upgrades easier and efficient. The content delivery network or the CDN improves the delivery of assets and makes the website more scalable. Jamstack pages are lighter and faster and the server-side rendering mode facilitates content creation for dynamic websites as well.


GraphQL in Data Management


Facebook released a query language in 2015 called GraphQL and it has been popular in the field of software development ever since. It is one of the most popular data management tools available in the market today. This is because it allows a flexible and easy to follow syntax for both frontend and backend data querying. 


It is used by several leading companies across domains such as Shopify, GitHub, Quora, and Pinterest. GraphQL offers several advantages including faster retrieval of data based on the search queries, availability of customized requests, and improved query efficiency. Moreover, it supports API integrations and provides a comprehensive and understandable description based on the existing data giving the users the power to query or ask for their exact needs. It not only accesses one property at a time but also smoothly follows the references shared between them. 




Software development using JavaScript can seem technical for businesses but it one of the most essential programing ecosystems with multi-channel support. It helps businesses perform a myriad of functions using similar code structures and algorithms. Beyond the few discussed above, there are many more JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJs, d3Js, p5js, Svelte, among others, that can also be leveraged by the developers to create business APIs, microservices or full-fledged websites and applications. Moreover, a versatile software development firm such as Focaloid Technologies also has a team of experts who are well versed with all the various types of JavaScript solutions which help get the job done. This includes both backend and frontend development as well as the management of large databases with an easy to follow user interface suitable for businesses of all sizes and in almost all domains. 


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