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Top Reasons and Stellar Benefits of Hiring React JS Developers in 2022


Top Reasons and Stellar Benefits of Hiring React JS Developers in 2022


React JS is an extremely popular and user-friendly JavaScript library crafted by Facebook in 2011. The platform is widely used to create elegant and high-quality user interfaces. Best of all it is free and open-source. Users can create outstanding user interfaces with very little effort and programming. React JS is frequently termed a “learn once, write anywhere” technology. The reason is that the platform adheres to identical design principles for websites as well as for mobile apps.


Standout Features and Functionality


React JS is a responsive platform that caters to enterprises of varying sizes. Among benefits, it offers versatility, ease of use, simple design, scalability and lightweight library. For your knowledge, React JS was invented by Jordan Walke a Facebook employee. The state-of-the-art technolo gy is bolstered by Facebook’s vast community as well as the company’s diverse programmers. Thanks to its inherent modular structure the contemporary framework offers ease of maintenance.


Some Interesting and Relevant Statistics


Many industry giants use React JS including PayPal, Walmart, Facebook, NASA, The New York Times, BBC, Tesla, Netflix, Instagram and others. An interesting and pertinent fact is that the few entities that adopted React JS earlier benefited the most and enabled them to overtake their competitors. As per Stack Overflow this technology powers over 7.4 million live websites as of now. Today, React JS enjoys worldwide popularity particularly in the booming economies of China and USA. Hire React JS experts now to create impressive and attractive frontends for websites and mobile apps. React JS is a modern cutting-edge technology and investing in it will definitely give stellar returns both in the long term and short term.


We take a look at the benefits React JS offers that makes it a hit with individuals and organisations. For your information, this fast evolving platform compares favourably when benchmarked against all the available frontend development tools in the market in 2022.


Major Advantages of React JS


  • Stellar Performance

In the case of websites and mobile apps the whole page is re-loaded in response to user actions. This slows down the reaction time. On the other hand for frontends created using React JS, only the component selected will re-load.


  • Create Impressive User Interfaces


React JS offers users the ability to create user friendly, visually stunning and well-designed user interfaces. This is important as most visitors judge the calibre and reputation of entities by their respective frontends.


  • Abstraction Feature


Developers don’t have to deal with complex internals. This makes their job simple, easy and convenient.


  • Large and Growing Community


There are many and growing number of free tutorials for this technology. Also help is available at numerous discussion forums in case of doubts, difficulties and queries. A plethora of resources and documentation is present to help React JS developers.


  • Improved SEO Capability


Employing React JS accelerates page load time. This framework is better than other frameworks in making websites load faster. As a result, React JS powered websites rank higher in Search Engine Results. Note that search engines are poor in crawling JavaScript heavy apps. Thanks to React, the frontend is returned to the browser in the form of a regular webpage. This makes the job of the search engine easy.


  • Short Learning Curve


Today, there is a large worldwide pool of JavaScript developers. Having knowledge of JavaScript helps in quickly learning React JS in just a few days. The platform is easy to grasp and less time and effort is wasted in training developers.


  • Ability to Create Custom Components


Bundled up with React JS is JSX (JavaScript XML) an extension of JavaScript. JSX allows developers to conveniently create high quality bespoke components. The platform permits adding HTML code to JavaScript.  By the way JSX is effective at preventing code injections by hackers.


  • Save Substantial Effort, Time and Money


This platform contains many reusable components. So, users need not develop every component from scratch. They can reuse the library’s extensive repository of reusable components. Another benefit is that changes made in any part of the program will not affect the other parts.


  • Provides Code Stability


Stability refers to ease of migration and of incorporating changes in the code. The technology adheres to downward data flow. Thus, changes in the child structure doesn’t reflect in the parent structure.


  • Access to Powerful Developer Tools


This modern platform offers powerful debugging and design tools. Users have the option to install the browser extension ‘React Developer Tools’ in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.


  • Suitable to High Traffic Websites


React JS has the design and ability tailormade to handle high traffic websites. Thus, large and prominent organisations favour it over other frontend frameworks.


  • Simplifies the Process of Building Dynamic Web Applications


React JS minimises coding effort and offers extra functionality. It is perfect for creating highly interactive sites as well as apps.


  • Virtual DOM(Document Object Model) Feature of React JS


Frequent DOM modification can hamper performance which may adversely impact the user experience. React JS employs a virtual DOM to address this issue. The new view changes are applied on the virtual DOM that resides in the memory. By leveraging an algorithm, the changes to the virtual DOM are identified. The algorithm comes up with the most effective process to make only those modifications to the actual DOM.


Tips to Select the Right React JS Resource


It is a wise decision to use React JS to build frontends. Entities have the option to hire React JS developers or to outsource the project to any organisation providing competent React JS development services. It is highly recommended to do extensive research, take interviews of previous clients and check the level of relevant React JS knowledge before selecting a suitable outsourcing partner.




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