Tracing the journey of the world’s most popular app

28/09/2021 20mins
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If you have shared group photos and status updates then it is likely that you figure among the 2 billion users of ‘WhatsApp’, around the world. WhatsApp provides a one-stop solution for all the problems you can relate to from messaging to business needs to community service.

And recently the Facebook-owned messaging app celebrated its 10th anniversary in Feb through a blog post by looking back at its decade long journey. A look at the decade long journey of the world’s most popular App

2009: WhatsApp in 2009 was launched for iPhone and Android users, which initially began as a messaging app and then turned into a file sharing app where photos and videos began to be shared towards the end of the year.

2010: WhatsApp introduced, what is called the ‘Location sharing’, feature on its app enables thousands of users to share their location with their friends and family to ensure their safety.

2013: The creation of WhatsApp groups. WhatsApp Group chat has been very helpful ever since, whether it be your friend’s group or a community-based group. This has been one of the most popular features of WhatsApp that has seen us through thick and thin.

2014: In April 2014, WhatsApp achieved its first milestone by raking in 500 million users. WhatsApp also joins Facebook. The same year it also introduced the ‘Read receipts’ or Blue ticks feature on its app which became one of the most talked about feature of the year.

2015: In January 2015, the Facebook-owned messaging app expanded its horizon by rolling out WhatsApp Web for desktop users. WhatsApp can be accessed on the desktop through its QR code.

2016: The WhatsApp calling facility-records 100 million conversations per day. introduces ‘end-to-end encryption’ for a safer messaging experience. Towards the end of the year, it revealed its video calling feature. Also achieved the milestone of crossing 1 billion users every day

2017: Introduces ‘WhatsApp status’, making the app more entertaining for its users.

2018: Introduces the option of ‘Deleting messages for everyone’, WhatsApp Business app was introduced for Android users, WhatsApp Group calling and WhatsApp stickers. Labelling forwarded messages. New group settings for admins.

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2019: WhatsApp turns 10 years old in Feb.

The 2019 updates:

  • Touch ID and Face ID was introduced for iPhone users to prevent anyone from using your phone and reading your messages. You can also decide on the amount of time before prompting the feature after the App is closed.
  • The group invitation’ feature concerns with the privacy settings of group chats. The user can decide whether to be added to the group or not, by changing the privacy settings of the App

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What is the new WhatsApp update about?

  • WhatsApp Business app for iOS was introduced. Like the Android version — introduced last year this has been adopted by businesses around the world. The features include:

Business Profile: This feature allows sharing of useful information about your business.

Messaging Tools: Allows responding to customers through efficient messaging tools.

WhatsApp Web: Helps in initiating chat messages from your desktop to help manage conversations and file transfers.

This version of WhatsApp Business App is now available for free download in Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, India, Mexico, the U.K., and the U.S. Till date WhatsApp is the most sought after business tool app. Whether it is small or big business, WhatsApp has become an integral part of business as either being used to promote online presence, lead generation, client retention or lead conversion. According to reports, Brazil closes 60 percent of its sales via WhatsApp Business. Mexico credits WhatsApp Business for allowing it to open a second location,

WhatsApp helps people connect with a business in different ways. It helps you take control over the messages you receive. With businesses having to pay to send certain messages, prevents your chats from getting cluttered. In addition, messages will remain secure through the ‘End-toEnd’ encryption feature and if needed you can block any business with the tap of a button.

As for the latest update according to the beta update on WhatsApp on iOS, is a crucial security feature, which was already introduced in Android, that prevents others from downloading user profile photos.

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