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What Is The Latest Trend In UI Design 2022?


What Is The Latest Trend In UI Design 2022?



The UI (User Interface) of a website or web app can determine its success or failure. If the design is common, your website or web app won’t stand out from the plethora of websites and web apps present on the Internet. It’s worth investing in revamping your website or web app with a trending UI design. This step will make your website/web app up-to-date and attract as well as retain a greater number of visitors. We look at some latest UI trends for this year.


  • Animated Logos

This trend is expected to last beyond 2022. Emphasis is on making the company logos more creative as well as dynamic.


  1. These logos attract more visitors and enhance branding.
  2. The Google search engine gives more weightage to dynamic content. So animated logos enhance a website’s SEO.
  3. They make the website look appealing with superior aesthetics.
  4. Leveraged to deftly convey the company’s mission, vision as well as values.


  • Scrollytelling

Usually scrolling on websites is not a pleasant experience. Rather, it is tedious and causes user fatigue. It may also lead to some abandoning the website as there is an overload of information and difficulty in going through it. 

Scrollytelling is a new term that involves storytelling using scrolling. In this latest UI design trend illustrations and text, snippets are used. Here, stunning visuals need to be crafted and the story planned according to the target audience. This UI trend makes information visual, presented elegantly, and provides a user-friendly and interesting experience. In short, you are able to keep visitors glued to the site.

In layman’s terms, Scrollytelling is nothing but engaging storytelling leveraging scroll-triggered animation.


  • Adaptive Design

Today there are devices having different screen sizes such as television, wearable devices, extra-large screens, foldable phones, and others. Your website or web app should look and work great irrespective of the device’s screen size.

Adaptive Design is a cutting-edge UI trend that addresses this challenge effectively.  In this design type, the user interface adapts to varying screen sizes. There is stored a collection of fixed layouts of different sizes. When the screen size is determined by the system, the most suitable layout is selected and deployed.


  • Immersive 3D Elements

In the past 3D elements have been used in UI design. With the passage of time, they have evolved for the better. Today they are more inclusive, immersive as well as diverse. A popular trend is mixing animations with 3D elements for superior aesthetics.


Why Use Immersive 3D Elements?

  1. The latest design tools make it easy to design immersive 3D elements
  2. This UI design makes it simpler to convey meaning and energy effectively
  3. They are more interactive and profound

Note that this design is used in scenarios where the site is high performance and all elements load quickly. Avoid it in other scenarios because this is a significant resource-consuming kind of process.


  • The Return of the 1990s Design Practices

The 1990’s was the era when the Internet and the world wide web were in their infancy. Today UI designers are mixing UIs of the 1990’s with the experience gathered in the 3 decades since then to craft unique and extraordinary design experiences.


  • Designing for Foldable Devices

As this technology evolves to be better and reasonably priced, it is expected to have greater prevalence and users. This is indeed a fresh frontier for innovation as well as creativity in terms of UI design. This has been identified by many industry experts as an important and future-ready phenomenon requiring custom and specialized UI designs to maximize performance and usage.


  • The Rise and Rise of Super Apps

Currently, Asia is experiencing high levels of popularity of Super apps such as Yandex Go and Wechat. The concept behind this is having a single app incorporating the features of multiple apps. Note that developing super apps is not easy. However, it is a futuristic trend with great potential.


  • Innovative and Convenient User Authentication

The drawbacks of passwords are they are complex, can be easily forgotten, and are prone to cyber hacks. The trend in 2022 is increasing usage of better as well as seamless authentication. UI designers will more frequently recommend and use biometric login as well as social login. Biometrics include face authentication, fingerprints, iris scan, and others. Social login uses logins and passwords that the user may have on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and others. So, users don’t have to create and remember new passwords for different sites.


  • Glassmorphism

This UI trend is a combination of flat design and skeuomorphism. Users get the effect as if they are viewing the elements of the website through a glass. The objects of the interface look almost similar to real life. This UI design makes a website or web app look stylish, clean as well as elegant.


  • Mobile-first Emphasis

This is an existing UI trend relevant in the near past, present as well as future. The UI design should look good as well as be easy to use on smartphones. A compelling statistic is that currently there are an estimated 5.27 billion unique mobile phone users in the world. Most people use their respective mobile phones to navigate websites, download stuff, and use apps for various purposes.


  • Voice User Interface (VUI)

VUI technology has grown by leaps and bounds from the past. Think Alexa, Siri, and others. It is indeed no easy task to incorporate VUI into websites or web apps. However, it will impress the target audience and make your website or app stand out from the rest. VUI is here to stay and represents ease of use and added value to users of any kind.


  • Minimalism

This major and highly popular trend is here to stay. It is even more relevant in 2022. The UI designer keeps the interface clean. Only the most important elements are retained. Thus, customers can find important stuff easily and not get distracted by unnecessary elements on the website or web app. The motto behind this design principle is ‘Less is More.



UI UX design is a major factor determining the success of any website or web app. If you are using an old or obsolete UI design, then visitors are likely to abandon your site or app quickly. An outstanding and latest UI design implementation is a must in today’s global scenario. Look for quality and speed of implementation in potential UI design firms. Make sure they are reliable and updated with cutting-edge UI design methodologies before investing your hard-earned money.


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