Types of animations for your mobile app

28/09/2021 20mins
Ramesh Ch


When it comes to developing any mobile application, one of the important things to be included in the check list is to make it as attractive as possible. Making the user interface of any mobile application attractive can be influential when it comes to the rate at which the application is used, the number of referrals and downloads. There are numerous methods of making the mobile app attractive and one of them is to ensure that the application is tagged with eye pleasing animations. Choosing an animation company with the right amount of experience and expertise is the ideal means to get the UI of your mobile app more appealing.

There are numerous ways to do animations like

  • Visual impacts :- While developing any mobile app, one of the points to be kept in mind is the interactivity of the user and the application. The application must be lively and must respond to the users command. Like swiping of pictures can be shown or any item matching the criteria can be highlighted. This will make the user feel connected to the application.
  • Change in function :- This indicates the element change with the user interaction. This is often used with icons, buttons and small design elements. A change in function will reflect the change in the orientation and alignment of the page.
  • Space orientation :- In the complex structure of the mobile application, it is the duty of the designer to make the navigation as easy as possible. This can be done by giving the tour of different functionalities and features of the hidden aspects and shortcuts.
  • Hierarchy and interaction of elements :- When designing a mobile app, the developer must keep in mind the all users are not techies or technologically advanced. So instead of developing a complex system it would be better if the application developed is simple to understand. The user must be able to recognise what happens when a particular button is pressed.
  • Visual prompts :- It is not only the visual interaction, but the prompts are equally important too. Prompts generally show what will happen if there is an interaction of the user and the particular element. This helps the users to know what will be the result of their element interactions.
  • Condition of the process :- While using the application, there are various background processes that take place. So while the data is being fetched from the server and the interactions are being made, it is important for the system to show some signs about how much progress is done. This will make the user realise that the system is working and has not crashed yet. The animation can be simple sound wave or just a bar indicating how much data has been downloaded.
  • Fun animations :- Unless used carefully, these types of fun animations tend to complicate the use of application. But if used with utmost care and keeping the user scenario in mind, they can be fun loving and interesting. Moreover it will add life to your blunt application.

All these different types of animation strategies, if used properly and consciously, will add a new life to your mobile application and can even take it to greater heights. However, foresee the importance and influence of having flawless user interface for your mobile app and see that you resort to a reputed animation company.


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