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Why Should You Choose React Native for App Development?


Why Should You Choose React Native for App Development?

React Native is a user-friendly open-source framework for developing mobile apps. The technology was launched by the immensely popular social networking giant namely Facebook. It is commonly used to develop a single mobile app that runs on both iOS and Android platforms. To your knowledge, many big organizations are using this powerful and flexible platform.

This framework is leveraged by developers to craft native mobile apps with JavaScript. Usually, you need to use Java programming language to build native apps for the Android platform. Developers have to use the Swift programming language or Objective-C to create native apps for the iOS platform. Apps developed using React Native run on both platforms seamlessly. The beauty of React Native is that only one programming language has to be used and only one app needs to be developed.

We look at some of the reasons for choosing React Native for app development.

  • Ease of Debugging

A single fix will resolve any relevant bug in both Android and iOS. When you have only one codebase it is simple and convenient to detect bugs. As most developers know, usually it takes hours to find out where the programmer has committed a syntax mistake. 

In the process of building native mobile apps usually, the development team has to employ the respective platform’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and have to familiarize themselves with the provided debugger. However, while using React Native, you have the facility of some commonly available applications including console.log or Nuclide. The latter tool belongs to Facebook.

  • Use of Native API (Application Programming Interface)

Programmers can replicate the look and the feel of the user interface which is almost like the native apps. Thanks to this development are easier and the user interface responds fast. The components of React Native are nearly identical to the corresponding native components. The beauty is that the final app is very close to a native app in terms of appearance. React Native code is extremely compatible with native code.

  • Significant and Fast-Growing Developer Community

Did you know that the technical teams at Facebook are constantly working on and improving the React Native platform? So, you have access to the latest and recently updated features and as well as capabilities. If developers face challenges in developing React Native apps they can turn to the vibrant community for support. Even if a solution is not instantly available it will be available in a short span of time. This is a major advantage of selecting React Native for app development

  • Easy Access to Programmers

React Native uses JavaScript to create apps. There is a large pool of JavaScript developers today. So, you easily get human resources at affordable rates. So, you save money and the React Native app development can commence immediately. Even if a JavaScript programmer(s) leaves in the midst of the project he/she can easily be replaced by another equally proficient JavaScript professional(s). Choosing React Native for app development ensures your project is not affected by attrition.

  • Easy to Learn and Master

Even if you do not have knowledge of JavaScript all you need is a readiness to learn. The learning curve is relatively short when compared to other programming languages as well as frameworks.  So not much time is wasted learning the relevant technology. You can begin development and release the fully completed and rigorously tested app in the market. So, your app will reach the market faster than your competitors resulting in ramped-up revenues and profits. Utilizing React Native for app development results in high ROI (Return on Investment).

  • Proven Technology

A reputed entity Facebook developed this modern and valuable technology. Many industry giants use this and have had favorable experiences in terms of quality, reliability as well as performance. So, it is a potent tried and tested technology. You will not be entering uncharted areas in this case. As a result, you do not have to worry about quality and performance issues. So, there is no mental stress as you can be assured of quality returns. JavaScript is used for coding which is a good thing because it is a reliable and quality platform. Employing React Native for app development means superior results and no nasty issues.

  • Facility to Include Third-party plugins

Trying to create a completely original React Native app will take a long time and lots of money. Instead, use third-party plugins as per your needs and convenience. As you know, it does not make sense to reinvent the wheel. If a component is already available in the market use it instead of creating it on your own. Some plugins are free which is a bonus. On the other hand, some are available at a fixed fee. Most of the time buying a component is cheaper and time-saving instead of developing it independently. As you may know, the early release of apps gives your enterprise a significant competitive edge.

  • Savings of Resources in Terms of Time and Money

You do not have to develop separate apps for different platforms while employing React Native. The code of a single app can be reused across multiple platforms. So, you do not need to know any other programming language or framework other than JavaScript. The completed app appears and behaves like a native app. It also is comparable to native apps in terms of performance. You do not need separate teams to build apps for different platforms. You need to develop only a single app that is close to native apps in terms of performance and yet works on multiple platforms. Time is saved and the number of developers is less. The codebase is smaller which results in substantial savings of money. Also, if certain features are not available in React Native you can use native code. To your knowledge, the latter mixes seamlessly with React Native code. 

  • Convenient Updation

Usually, if you make changes to apps, you have to resubmit them to the App Stores for approval. This results in a delay. If you update React Native apps you do not have to go through the App Store approval process. 

  • Personalized User Experience

Thanks to React Native technology each user can enjoy a personalized user experience delivered on the same app. This ramps up customer loyalty and results in repeat visits from new users. Greater customer engagement boosts brand image and enhances the trust quotient. The result is significantly more conversions and sales when benchmarked against apps developed using other technologies.

  • Backed by the Social Networking Behemoth

As you may know, it was Facebook that introduced this platform. The company is committed to improving the platform in every possible way. Technology is getting better and easier to use with each passing day. Industry majors including Bloomberg, and Walmart. Uber, Pinterest, and others have reposed their faith in this powerful and versatile technology.

  • The technology of the Future

React Native has been around for a while now in fact since 2015. Many entities have embraced this technology and this trend is likely to persist in the future. When you are selecting React Native to develop your apps you are future-proofing your enterprise. 

  • Availability of Numerous Resources that Simplify and Expedite the Development Effort

Development of React Native apps is made easy by many tools and libraries. Testing libraries enable the creation of bug-less code. Examples of the former include Mocha, Enzyme, and others. A free application named Expo enables tracking app progress as well as testing fresh functionality. There are tools enabling quicker type checking.

  • Innovative Reloading Features

The platform comes with hot and live reloading. Hot reloading reloads only the changed code. Live reloading renders the code changes followed by the reloading of the whole app. This improves development and testing. In the course of developing the app, programmers can make code changes in real-time and resolve them when the app is loading.

Other Benefits

Leveraging React Native for app development means less consumption of memory resources. The relevant app needs less memory to run. Did you know that the platform comes with a user-friendly manual that developers can refer to? If a web app already exists most of the code can be easily used to build a new mobile app. The platform employs native APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for rendering code. Thus, the apps have superior performance.

Using React Native for app development results in a smooth as well as a responsive user interface. Also, the apps load faster compared to apps developed using other existing technologies. The powerful platform enables programmers to deliver mobile apps leveraging website technology. As opposed to other cross-platform app development environments here native components are used. This accelerates app rendering as well as execution. The main requirements are skilled JavaScript programmers with knowledge of hybrid app development, relevant APIs as well as native UI libraries. React Native uses the graphics processing unit as opposed to native platforms that use the central processing unit. React Native for app development will give you tangible benefits both in the short-term and long term.


Freelancers with knowledge of using React Native for app development can be hired by you. Also, you have the option to use in-house talent with experience in employing React Native for app development. The best option is to outsource the work to a firm with superior knowledge of leveraging React Native for app development. Brainstorm with your team about whom to choose to use React Native for app development. 

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