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Why You Need Interactive Website Design


Why You Need Interactive Website Design




An interactive website design includes software in the website to attract visitors with a superior and more pertinent experience. Examples include having a tax calculator for finance websites. You can allow visitors to connect with social media by clicking on buttons. Have animations when the user hovers over or clicks some links. Answer questions with colourful and beautifully designed infographics.


Changes in Trends


Earlier most websites of companies and businesses were static. The modern trend is to have websites which are interactive. Visitors can participate in polls, search for information and do transactions. Most individuals visit the website of a particular company before making a physical visit to their store. Sites crafted using interactive website design offer a two-way communication channel. You can have manned chat software to give information, solve product issues and offer after sales support. No matter what your business volume or type of business it is recommended that you have a site incorporating interactive website design. 


You can go a step further by having automated chat software. Answers to common queries and useful information can be stored in the database. Sites leveraging interactive website design make the potential customers satisfied and interested. They are more likely to visit the physical stores of the company if they are satisfied with their experience with the interactive website of the company or enterprise. 


We take a look at a few of the benefits of having a site implementing interactive website design.


Advantages of Interactive Website Design



  • It Offers More Options


Websites having interactive website design provide more options than static websites. Leveraging databases gives the ability to provide superior user experience while gathering valuable data from visitors. There are more opportunities for visitors and the business to learn about each other. As such an enduring bond is formed.


  • Simple and Convenient to Update


In the case of static websites, you are dependent on coders to modify or improve the website. While for interactive websites you can conveniently overhaul the website. No knowledge of programming is required. In short, non-technical individuals can make changes to sites having interactive website design.


  • Ideal for E-commerce Sites


Many sites are E-commerce websites. Interactive website design offers additional choices to visitors. E-commerce transactions are seamless as well as hassle free. More communication helps clients make better decisions regarding their options and in making purchases.


  • High ROI (Return on Investment)


Some folk may have the opinion that investing in interactive website design is a costly affair and incurs unnecessary expenses. The fact is far from it. By not upgrading to a site having interactive website design, you run the risk of being obsolete. Clients are likely to switch to competitors having interactive websites. Having an interactive website sends the message that you are abreast of the latest trends in digital technology. In the long run you will have manifold returns on your investment.


  • Boost Consumer Trust and Increase Sales


Interactive websites build an emotional as well as personal connection with potential clients. This is achieved by offering personalised content. The latter takes into account individual preferences and addresses them effectively. The interactive web design offers peer reviews of products and/or services. Customers may not trust what a particular company claims about its products and/or services. However, when other customers give positive reviews about products and/or services they are more likely to accept and trust the quality of a particular company’s products and/or services. When they get offers tweaked to their needs and preferences, they are more likely to purchase.


  • Reduce Bounce Rate


Visitors find interactive websites more engaging and interesting. They can participate in online games. Infographics give exciting information and educate readers. The learning opportunity acts as an incentive for visitors to return to the site. The more they return the more their trust in the site is increased. As a result, they are likely to buy more from the site. Having polls in the site makes the user experience more interesting. They can give their opinions and come to know what other folk’s opinions are. A website created using interactive website design has lower bounce rate than static sites. 


  • Rank Higher in Search Engine Results


The Google algorithm gives higher ratings to sites having interactive website design. These types of sites offer a rich and compelling experience to visitors. If your website ranks higher in search engine results more visitors are likely to visit it ramping up the online visibility of your website.


  • Opportunity to Comment


One element of interactive website design is the comment box. Clients can give their opinion on products and/or services bought from the company. Positive reviews encourage other visitors to become purchasers.


  • Platform to Collect Data


Interactive websites have forms in which visitors can enter their contact information. This allows enterprises to get back to visitors with attractive offers. One benefit is having a large database for marketing campaigns.


The Next Step


If your existing website is static and lacks features for interaction then it is vital you upgrade to a site having interactive website design. It will definitely give you an edge over competitors. If you have the in-house resources, develop the website yourself. In the event you lack the technical expertise it is wise to outsource the development work.


Why Outsource Interactive Website Design



  • Save Time and Money in Training The in-house team


You have to spend valuable time and money in training your staff to learn and master the required technologies. Revamping of your website is delayed as you have to wait till your team is ready to do the necessary task. 


  • Concentrate on Your Core Competencies


Delegating the website design work to an external provider allows you to focus on your core competencies. It’s always better for professionals to do the work. They have the necessary expertise and experience to accomplish the task assigned. Also, they are more productive compared to freshers. They know what challenges and problems may crop up in the development process. They are trained as well as adept in overcoming the challenges. Finally, you can rely on them to deliver within the stipulated deadline.


  • Save Money by Outsourcing to a Different Location


In countries such as India you have access to a large pool of affordable and quality developers. By outsourcing the work to them you stand to save a lot of money compared to hiring a local provider.


  • No Need of Hiring Process


It makes sense to concentrate on your core domain. Don’t waste time in the hiring process. The latter involves advertising, perusing resumes and shortlisting suitable candidates. Also, you have to conduct interviews to evaluate the technical competency of the applicants. Finally, you have to conduct a background check to verify the reliability and attitude of the candidates. This process consumes a lot of resources in terms of time, money and effort.


  • No need to Purchase and Update Software


You don’t have to bear the cost of buying the latest software to upgrade or develop your interactive website. Many providers have already invested in skilled human resources, hardware and software. If updation is required it will be done by the provider.


How to Choose a Suitable Interactive Website Design Company


  • Don’t Compromise on Quality


Many people get attracted by low offers made by providers. Quality is imperative in the intensely competitive market place. It is better to pay extra to get premium returns.


  • Don’t be in a Hurry


Interactive Website design is a long-term objective and strategy. There are many providers out there. Devote sufficient time and effort to select the right company.


  • Evaluate


Get a technically adept person to evaluate the skills of the company. They must be up to date with the latest technology and trends. Ask for past client references. Speak to the clients to evaluate the quality of the deliverables. Do they deliver as per the committed deadline? Is their work error free? Does their technical team have the necessary qualifications, certifications and relevant experience?


  • Communication


Check if the website design company is transparent about their processes and work. Do they keep their clients in the loop? Do they respond quickly to client queries? Do they communicate quickly in case of issues or problems? These are important questions for which you should get satisfactory actions.




Brainstorm with members of your team to shortlist what interactive elements you want in your website. You should have a clear picture of what you want before approaching a professional interactive website design company. Hold meetings with the website design company to make the design of your website.


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