The Client

Stellapps is a growth stage startup in the agri tech space. They are building numerous tech enabled solutions to improve diary supply chain management.


Architecture Design
Frontend Development
Backend Development
Quality Assurance

Tech Stack Used


Spring Boot





AWS Cloudfront




Problem Statement

Over time, the client has developed multiple applications catering to different use cases and business requirements. These are used by different diary clients. The clients wanted to integrate their different applications and move to a platform architecture. As part of this, they wanted to integrate the login to different applications. They also wanted to develop a single access point dashboard to manage different product admin consoles.

Our Solution

We recommended implementing identity access management and identified KeyCloak as the solution after a detailed analysis. The other major pieces of the solution included:

  • Developing REST API services to connect between multiple products
  • Developing API sets for User and organization management
  • Created API documentation based on Swagger
  • Developed Wrapper APIs connecting Keycloak APIs
  • Implementing multi language support on API response based on configuration
  • Keycloak identity manager was deployed in Docker environment
  • The services were connected to the Authserver which was in turn connected to the Keycloak server in docker.
  • Multiple clients were identified as multiple tenants, authentication and authorization are managed based on realm configuration.


  • Internationalization – i18n Multi Language support
  • Integration with Keycloak presented multiple challenges which were resolved in a timely manner


  • Implemented Single sign on to enable one time login to access different sub product dashboards.
  • Dynamic switching of login methods based on settings for different realm configurations.
  • Implemented support for social logins and multi factor authentication based logins.
  • Implemented user management and support management modules.

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