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Qi Square Pte Ltd helps the Built environment Ecosystem partners by providing them cutting edge digital tools to solve their problems while accelerating the adoption of sustainable solutions for performance improvement. Recognised as the top 10 Energy Tech Solution Providers in APAC – 2019 by Energy CIO Insights, Qi Square is a spin-off company from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) , Singapore. Qi Square brings in decades of research, experience and knowledge on green building technologies and tools.

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BtrLyf Platform Development

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Problem Statement

Globally Buildings consume about 40% of energy and contribute to 30% of carbon emissions. It is estimated that ~22 Trillion USD will be spent over the next 20 years to improve buildings and make them better. The building industry however is disjointed – Building Owners, Financiers, Consultants & Tech providers do not have an effective mechanism to work together and collaborate to accelerate the process of creating better buildings. This often happens because of lack of data.
BtrLyf platform is designed to be a platform to bring together different stakeholders in the built environment ecosystem and allow them to seamlessly collaborate and work together.

“Building Owners, Financiers, Consultants & Tech providers do not have an effective mechanism to work together and collaborate to accelerate the process of creating better buildings.”

Business Requirements

Develop the Digital Built Environment Ecosystem

Qi Square was looking to create a data rich Digital Twin Platform for the Built environment ecosystem. This ecosystem includes Building owners, managers, occupants, consultants & ESCOs, Investors & Fund Managers and Technology providers. The platform was to integrate building and ancillary data from multiple data sources and make it available to the building stakeholders to enable decision making.

High Performance Digital Twin for Buildings

The core of the platform was a digital twin of buildings to provide performance overview, analysis, simulations and advanced search capabilities. Building owners will be able to access the platform through a secured login, search and find buildings, view data, perform analyses & simulations and find technology solutions and providers. Through the platform Building Engineers & Consultants to assess building performance and calculate potential energy savings using a myriad of technologies through the platform. Technology providers & Investors also benefit from the platform and can assess market potential of products and do specific ROI calculations for customers even before meeting them.

Our Solution

We began the product journey through a discovery phase. Qi Square Team flew down to Focaloid’s offices in Kochi for a 2 day Discovery Workshop. Product Strategist, Business Analysts, UX Designers, Architects and Software Leads from Focaloid participated in the workshop together with the major stakeholders from Qi Square. The workshop included brainstorming sessions, persona definition, user journey mapping and rapid prototyping. This was followed by further analysis and documentation activities post the workshop. At the end of the discovery phase, we were able to create the product road map for the Digital Twin Platform, along with detailed user stories and feature lists. Focaloid also provided recommendations for the technology stack and architecture.


The subsequent Design phase was focussed on creating the user experience for the web platforms. UX designers from Focaloid worked with the Qi Square team to design the information architecture and user journey. This was followed by interface design to produce the final UI mockups for the web platform.


We followed Agile Development with 2 week sprints. A 5 member agile team was allocated to the project. Development phase started with a Sprint Zero to create sprint and release plans. We planned daily stand up meetings, weekly review meetings and bi-weekly deliverables to have an efficient communication structure. Prior to each major release we also had a UAT phase to iron out any finer issues before releasing the product


We had a first major release after 6 months which was followed by a release every 3 months. Post release, we continued to work on the product road map while supporting the deployed version.

Major Features


Discover how building performance can be improved through auto-suggested or manually selected sustainable solutions ranging from building envelope, lighting to air-conditioning, controls and renewable energy.

Compare Buildings

You can compare upto 4 buildings and generate a comparison report for your project and presentation work. You can also search buildings using multiple criteria such as building typology, gross floor area, year built and sustainability performance.

Digital Twin Ci

Explore the Digital Built Environment in the city using a GIS based map of buildings. Search and find sustainable buildings and get a quick overview of their features and sustainability potential. Users can get custom alerts on changes in building information and 'claim buildings' to start working on improvement projects

Crowdsource Data

Add buildings data and perform calculations on the fly. Leverage machine learning to instantly generate baseline performance reports from basic or advanced building data

Results / Outcome

The platform was developed and launched as scheduled. Currently the platform has the digital built environment for Singapore and will be expanding to other major cities soon. Focaloid was able to successfully hand hold the stakeholders through the product development journey and create a trusted partnership.
QiSquare was recognised in the Top 10 Energy Tech Solution Providers in APAC by CIO Magazine.

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